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Casino 5-Liner

Features are awarded when you hi-lo up the climb and reach the exchange lights. A feature will be super if the hi-lo number has bonus written on it. To get this the bonus must award something else other than 'swap number' as this usually comes back with a non-bonus number. If the 'swap number' comes back with another bonus though it is ok as the machine will award another casino crazy chip. Getting three chips will let you into the middle feature which is a minimum of 15 quid. I'm not sure if this can be 'super'. When the machine is playing well it will be spinning in a lot of bonuses and hi-lo's up to 5 quid or more will be regular. Hidden holds occur frequently, after collecting a win as well as losing a gamble.

This machine has a liking to spinning 3's and 10's. The best time to play is when it will gamble past £5.00 easily.
This feature sends win amounts across the screen, When they flash you have a repeat chance. When super the cash amounts are worth more. £8 or £10 is normally the most.
This allows you to nudge up or down each reel one position. After nudging a reel the next one can be nudged two positions and the last reel can be nudged three positions.
A money belt style feature. Wins scroll across the display. When super can pay £6 to £12.
This is similar to 'water cannon' on RED ALERT machine. Use your skill to stop it as high as possible. It probably does bump you down too. After your first hit you get another chance at the remaining values above the first win you hit. Anything better than £5 and you've done well.
This 5 consecutive skillstops in the display. You start at 50p and go to £1, £2, £5, £10, £15. It doesn't cheat you. Use cancel to slow down the display. Easy JP!
Whatever number you have on the gamble when you exchange to the feature gives you that amount of knockouts. Super will double the number of knockouts awarded.
Stop a number and the wheel within Casino Crazy moves clockwise that amount of positions. 6 & 12 give JP. Use the black dot on the reel to stop it on the 12. A normal 10 will time out to the bonus 6. On super it slows the reel and you hit just after super 10 for a 12 and jackpot.
Hi-Lo Cash on the right cash trail. Usually £4. It can go much higher when super. Often same as a JP.
A win series. Normally only a few quid. Super doesn't seem much better.
Activated when you light 3 CC chips. It is like a normal JPM winseries and pays in multiples of £15. Makes no difference.
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