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ARCADIA by CMR & Shaun L

Lock-on: Super hold.

Meltdown: Coin drop feature. You start with 3 chances to hit the top amount on a 'Ready - Steady - Go' basis. Xtreme gives drop on the notes on the left hand side of the board. Top note gives 15ukp. Very Nice. On xtreme, use cancel to slow down and should be 10 or 15 every time. .

Shoot em-up: Reels spin at different speeds and you have to stop a win on the line or as many big numbers as possible in the reel window. The numbers give one step up the cash ladder - 11 needed for JP. Very difficult and needs practice.

Invader: This is Hi-Lo on the coins on the right hand side of the machine. Extreme upgrade gives you hi-lo on the left hand side (the notes).

Cash Bandiloot: Knockouts equal to number on reel, and steps can be used to improve the number BEFORE collecting the feature.

Dual Shock: Two true skill knockouts on the coins on the right hand side. The first shot gives you the lower limit for the second shot, with the total being worked out as the top amount you hit to the bottom giving a possible 15ukp. Extreme upgrade allows two true skill knockouts on the notes on the left hand side. but only gives the one note (or it could be an easy 70 quid every time!).

Adrenalin: You get x 1.00 on the current hi-lo number (use step(s) to improve before collecting). Then it's hi-lo, if it wins then you get the next number x 1.00, etc, etc. Usually 7-12 quid .

Drop Zone: The coins (or notes on xtreme) light randomly and you press start to stop. Then it's the old 3-shot climb. Usually 7-15 (or 15-30 on xtreme).

Revolution: All the wins line up and the reels spin - press start to stop on JP if you can. It doesn't really matter if you miss the JP and hit the cherry after as it ALWAYS steps to a total of 15 quid. The pain here is if you hit the melons before the JP as it probably won't step!

Streaker: Win-series. The machine will spin in a win, and then you get a continue YES/NO option to spin in another win. Mostly got to via a hidden feature (commonly hell raiser, dirty dozen). Minimum 15 quid.

Feature Notes: Lucky 7 means that you have a no lose gamble when on a seven. Bonus numbers give bonus on each exchange so play wisely when on a bonus number. Always be aware of the nudge exchanges. 4 and 9 can be dodgy numbers but must be gambled on if you're trying to reach something good. If on 2.00 and you get a 4-9 with no exchanges lit on 2.40 or 3.00 then just collect. When you have no lose it doesn't get used on a 1 or 12, so if you get no lose on the bonus 6 then step to the 1 then reverse the next number. Obviously, no lose means you can go either way on a number.

Hidden Features: Dirty Dozen: Very good feature, probably the best hidden feature. Stop the nmber reel on 12. Hint: Stop it on the second 7 that does not have a bonus on it and it will slip to the 12 which gives the streaker feature (12 climbs up the cash ladder). Big-50: A '5.00 * 15.00 * 10.00' appear on the display and flash randomly. Press start to stop (usually 5.00). Hitting * ends the feature. Minimum (and usual) 5 quid. Power Spin: Stop n Step on the middle reel. If you are good at SnS then this is JP, and I've NEVER had it slip. It's a thin timeslice so you have to be good.Pinball Wizard: Like Fireball on Red Alert/Impulse, stop the light as high as possible. Sometimes it doesn't go past a fiver. (Note: I can't believe I called this a 'one light snake' on my RA/Impulse guide!!!). Demon Reels: Same as Crazy Reels/Pyromania, etc. Usually 2 to 5 quid though can repeat to give more. Maximum Overdrive: Numbers appear randomly on the display and whatever you stop the hi-lo reel on is multiplied by the number on the display. Hell Raiser: The 3 trails move up and down at different rates, use press start to stop on as high as possible, then get the option of choosing a trail. If they're not going to the top then try to hit the feature trail on Lock On and use this to bring the red lines back.

If you get nudges on the left, try for okey dokey's. Usually the boxes or £1.20. REEL GUIDE
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