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Play for golden hold with jackpot set-ups. Looking for 4+ on a shot on the first board if the drop is there - then you are looking at profit most times especially if you get the run. Explain the golden hold? up and down 2 reels right, so you want jackpots in view. There are mixed bar setups, or cherry setups which have the JP within view, so within golden hold range. But you can also manipulate the reels if you land on bonus nudges to nudge yourself nearer to a position where the jackpot is in range And sometimes you can "play" for the question mark where, if you survive and already have a boost, you can go back 3 to bonus nudges. Use this to manipulate the reels also. It wont block the golden hold, so you just need to play the board, use all boosts you get when you are set up for it, etc Sometimes you might hold bars or cherries instead of letting them spin when offered if the JP is in view - the win might spin in anyway. Or else you might try to spin and hope for a perfect setup, or a close one. But when you get the repeat on the JP, or flashing boards after, I wouldn't touch the machine for 3 days at least even in the busiest of places - it is what is called flat profile which means it doesnt run / streak very often. Its either 11 in - no drop - collect all wins Or 11 in - drop - first board offers 4+ on a shot - push for golden hold with set up or straight JP. Or 11 in - drop but looks dead - collect wins and run.
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