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Here is a brief guide for this machine. I don't play it too much because it streaks about once every £20,000 throught the slot! If full though there are a couple of ways to make a quick profit. Firstly look out the fetaure giving SUPER BONUS or EXTRA KEY. By collecting 3 keys on the feature you will get at least £15 quid from the top feature, and this is usually the most you will get too. The best trick though is the 4 nudges trick. When playing for a feature try to fill the trail with no win within 4 nudges. If you land on 4 nudges and panel says 'no win available' check to see if the collect button is lit. If it is press collect and you will get 99 nudges for the jackpot. On a good day you may get a couple of quick jackpots like this close together. Another day though you will find there always seems to be cherries or mixed bars within 4 nudges. This is NOT a bug according to JPM but who knows! The win is not free but did trigger a few rumours that an emptier existed for this machine.
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