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Cash Ahoy!

This is one of those annoying IMPULSE machines. I had started to write a fairly detailed guide but decided that this machine is really not worth playing. It seems to love making you take wins between a £1 and £4 all the time. So it is difficult for the machine to save up for a streak and also difficult to force. If I could give this a rating out of 10 then it would somewhere between 0 and 1. What I will say in this machines favour, if you can get the cash gamble up to £12 then it is worth gambling on for the £15 and exchanging for the top feature. I had £60 from this by hi-lo-ing for a fiver a time. I am told by Christian however that this is the most he has ever seen by a long way! Even so, I only broke even on the machine. While I'm talking about crap IMPULSE machines we shouldn't forget FORTUNE&GLORY. Basically leave it well alone unless it is literally forcing you into the middle and giving extra crystals all the time. But even if you do pursue it to the middle you might only get a fiver with one repeat and thats enough to kill the machine. It's another machine that rates about 1/10!
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