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Cash Explosion

This machine is easy. Play when it's dropping (backing or whatever you wanna call it ) What you have to do, is to force the first JP out by getting Skill Spins (7th feature from the bottom row) Nudge in JP sign to the winline on the third reel when it offers nudges (The right hand side) while waiting for the skill spins to come. and when you get skill spins, collect skill spins and the first reel (left reel) will first reel and spin itself very slowly. Stop on the JP sign ... (It slip by one, so stop on the cherries) and get ready when you see the set of Green Bar (The bar which has a Bar with a number 2 next to it) coming in. and the second Jp on the Middle reel is machine default spins in and match the first reel's symbol (hence JP) and you have Jp on third reel already, so easy JP! After the JP, there are loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of after plays, Collect anything from £3 - £10, and remember do not be greedy when you land on "?" . Typically about £15 - £30 in for the jp, I had one for £9, easy machine to work out!

Hmmmm, there must be 2 chips for this as the one's I play won't allow JP online on the third reel with Skillspinna active (and vice versa). Unless VERY steamed up.. Also, I wouldn’t necessarily say backing is a good or bad sign on these. Its always a bonus, but play it anyway as they're usually ready for something. Think of a rival "player" or local punter sticking 20+ in and collecting a few small wins, before eventually rotating the "game" value outta the machine but leaving it 20-ish off the top. Bit like the times we've all streaked classic Crests such as AN/PCB/MPFC when they've been nowhere near backing (eg. key in and showing 80 odd balance but machine is off its tits!!). - CMR
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