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This can be an infuriating machine at times, letting you win on bad numbers near the bottom of the feature board, and then losing on good numbers when you get close to the win series or jackpot. Play for the 'STOP n STEP' feature. This is the second feature up on the right hand side of the feature game. If the machine lets you get to this then it is happy enough to pay a jackpot. Getting it is a different story! You need to be good at reelmatching. The jackpot symbol is after the treble bar which does give you a reasonable chance of hitting it. I look up the middle reel and when I see treble bar go past, I stop it on the bottom line. You need to be able to hit it at least 50 percent of the time. The repeats appear to be pretty random. On a £10 machine I have had 5 repeats and on a £15 jackpot the most I have had is 3 repeats, but there is no reason why you cannot get more. It is also quite possible the machine will pay another 'STOP n STEP' soon after a large payout so wins of about £60 - £80 are quite realistic for the practised player.
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