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There is a very simple way to tell if a BWB machine is ready to pay. During play - you can stick a 5p in, the outer ring of symbols will be BLUE or RED. If they are RED the machine is ready to dump. Go to force the JP. Once you've got the JP the dump will start and when it does you will notice 'boingy' holds, this is a new sound the machine makes when you press a hold button. The dump will end when the boingy holds stop, and the outer symbols turn back to blue again. Well worth a 5p investment to find out !!!! You must play to get the first jackpot from either a gamble off PICK-A-WIN, a hi-lo climb up the cash ladder, or a flash hold on the reels. Collecting a red streak will not necessarily start the dump so just wait for the feature to fill up all the reds in the middle and it will then kill you, don't collect it.

WATCH OUT FOR THE RECHIPS! The rechip is always red. Once you have forced the first jackpot you will know that you have a rechip because the next feature may offer up to £6.00 and then lose. When looking for these machines only play the ones that you have previously seen to be blue.

NOTE OF INTEREST: A couple of older BWB machines did have a true emptier. These were FIRE & ICE and STARS & STRIPES. The emptier was very simple: take only RED or BLUE streaks and nothing else. They have been 99% rechipped now, even if you could find one, and when the trick was fairly new it could be expensive to discover a rechipped machine.
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