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Clowning Around

I like this one! Seems quite an old game so if others have experiences please let me know. Within a couple of quid of backing it was desperate to pay the JP. So much so that it gave Super Hold for red 7's during normal play (£8) and let me gamble higher than a 5 for the £15 JP. Promptly then gave another 2 JP's within a few quid, including one from IM (logo flashes). Incidentally, this machine can turn IM for no apparent reason once into the feature. Does anyone know what can trigger this? Very similar features to Frenzy/BB etc - Reel Magic, 2/4/6 Reel Blasts, step to nearest win, win series etc. There are secret features for filling the matrix. Only had 2 so far, "Super 7's" which span in the Blue 7's for £5 and repeated twice for £15 and another "Big Top" I think it was called which paid £12. After landing on a "?" during feature & you get "Hi-Lo Continue" press which button out of the two lights up first. To date this has been 100% succesful. NOTE THOUGH, this does not work on normal reel play when you may nudge/3 hold/flash hold a win. Also, this machine does not necessarily have to be backing to give the JP. Summary - good, fun & largely profitable machine.
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