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Club Casablanca (£75, £100, £200 JPM)
This is a category 5 club machine (you cannot lose) if you can get the club you are in to do a refill because when the cashpot is ready to pay this machine is awesome! The simple way to play it is to wait until the cashpot is on £200 and the reserve is up to about £120. All you do is force it until the cashpot is offered. The average player will not be offered the cashpot because he will be collecting small wins and the idea is to get the machine 'happy'. 

You must gamble all wins and not collect anything. Once you can regularly gamble small wins up to £20 or more then it will be a small matter of time until the cashpot is offered. The cashpot usually happens from a respin which offers you one nudge but you need four for the pot, and it always lets you gamble to the four nudges. Playing this way there is usually a small amount of afterplay. You will notice when playing it that you can gamble up to high amounts very regularly. The amounts get higher as you put in more money. If for example you have put in £80 (without collecting anything obviously) you can get the gamble to £48 consistently, even to £96 and then lose. After more money it will let you gamble higher. 

This leads us on to the second way which is much more entertaining but you must be sure the club will do a refill and does not mind you taking consecutive jackpots. This second way can also be used when the cashpots are not quite ready (e.g. £130 & £65) The method involves getting the gamble up to the value of the cashpot. You must not get the gamble to £200 as it will be collected automatically. When you get the gamble to go to £192 exchange £40 a time across to the CASH BONANZA feature and try to climb the cashpot out. Very soon it will climb out. The cashpot will have cost you about £180 - £220 at this point, but by climbing it out you get it for free.You can now gamble a small win back up to £200.Or you can take the gamble to £120 and exchange for 3 cash bonanza features which should pay the £200. 

There is value in this machine because you can use this method when the pots are lower. For example if the cashpot is £130 and the reserve £50 you can 'buy' the pot for about £130 and then get most of that back on a gamble afterwards. A £100 machine has plenty of value because the club should not need to do a refill, it should cost about £100 for £200. This second method often means the cashpot will be offered to you a few times while you are trying to get the gamble high. If your investment is low then take it otherwise nudge it away. 

It will scramble people watching you to see you lose so many big gambles and ignore the cashpot! I used to play this machine with the first method because clubs do not like people taking two jackpots, winning just one jackpot is quite acceptable. The first method is also more prefarable in clubs where the machine may be set to the minimum payout of 72% because it may cost you over £250 to get the gamble up to £192.

Club Royal Flush (£250 JPM)
This machine was released about November 1998 and has been one of the most popular machines for the bigger gambler. The reason for this is simple, once it is full it is ready to forced for either 25 SPINS, the JACKPOT or the CASHPOT. So firstly you just need to establish the machine is 'backing'. This means the coins are falling down to the cashbox below and not into the hopper. Good signs that it is playing well are:

1. You will regularly get 'stops' which is like a win after nudges when you have to hit the stop button and the reels respin for a small win. If you get wins of £10 or above then the machine is very happy.

2. It is easy to hi-lo up to the feature exchange from a small win.

3. Once on the feature you are being offered 10 spins before you are killed.

4. You can get the 5 playing cards for 'double up'

5. You are getting extra life regularly.

Now just force the machine up to 25 WINSPINS. This usually pays at least £75 and often more. If you still have your extra life then carry on, do not collect until you lose it as there is a very good chance you will get the jackpot. The best time to play the machine is when both the CASHPOT and the reserve are full and the machine has not paid a jackpot recently. This way you are playing for 3 possible options. If you believe the jackpot is overdue then you can force the machine past the point of it offering 25 WINSPINS. This often pays off.

Afterplay: If you get the jackpot or cashpot there is afterplay. The machine will play dead for a cold-blooded £40 through it and then you will get a buzzing feature which will give you 10 knockouts or 25 WINSPINS for a win of £75 or more.
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