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Gameshow and Public Enemy #1 (£75, £100, £200, £250 BFM)

These machines can be the most rewarding if you are prepared to give them ago. This free sample has been on this page for over a year now and has won players hundreds to thousands of pounds. Like all the methods in the Club Machine Guide this technique is very simple and can be very profitable.

The way to play these machines is as follows:
  • First you need to establish if the machine is worth playing. Check the value of the cashpots. The main pot should be on £200 or £250 (the maximum) and the reserve should be more than £100 to be on the safe side. The machine should not have paid out a large win recently. Try putting in a couple of pound to see if the the money is falling into the cashbox or into the tubes hopper. If nearly full then it is ok as long as the club/casino has not done a refill recently.
  • Your objective is to get the cashpot for maximum profit. This is done by forcing the machine to play better and better by refusing to collect any wins it offers you. This is called making the machine 'happy'. A good sign is a four-of-a-kind win when the machine is very happy. DO NOT PLAY THE FEATURE GAME. If the feature rolls in just collect a small win immediately. GAMBLE ALL WINS ON THE HI-LO UNTIL THEY LOSE OR YOU REACH THE JACKPOT (You will not get afterplay from the jackpot, only the cashpot). The only fruits you hold are the CASHPOTS (on or above the winline). You should also hold them when they are within 2 and 3 nudges of the winline as it is often possible to get the cashpot when the machine offers nudges, then holds and then offers more nudges again.
  • Eventually the cashpot WILL nudge in and you should be showing some profit at this stage. The next step is to recover most of your stake money back. Most people do not realise that the cashpot is completely FREE - it does not make the machine play badly after paying it out. This is because it is built up over a longer period of time than a jackpot and is considered a 'bonus' win by BFM machines - it is PAID FOR. So having got the cashpot you can now win a fair proportion of your original stake by playing the machine like everyone else on the feature game.
  • A simple scenario would be: A £250 pot costs you £180 to get. You will probably get about £100 in afterplay (sometimes called afterbirth!) and your total profit is about £170. Remember this: If you do win a cashpot cheaply then you will get less afterplay, this is because the machine was not as happy when it paid the cashpot (the cashpot is a free win so it doesn't have to be paid out when the machine is jackpot happy). Most machines do not have to take lots of money before paying the cashpot.
  • THE BOTTOM LINE is this. If you want to play this machine you must have plenty of funds. You play it positively. If you decide the cashpot is not going to pay out either stop very early or don't play it. A machine which does not have cashpots ready is for divs - the guys that want to win a fiver. If you want to make money from this machine you must be prepared to stake high for a bigger return.
  • Incidently, if you do get a gamble past the £50 to £75, carry on because it will go to the jackpot. The block on the gamble is at £50 (on later £250 machines the block is at £75 but it makes no difference as you will be gambling all or nothing anyway). If you still want to pursue the cashpot then try and lose the gamble.
  • Here is an additional tip for these machines which can be handy. After nudging three of a kind onto the winline, but without a win, there is a 'stop' button which you can press if lit. It will spin in the three-of-a-kind win. On some fruits there are numbers which enable you to get the feature trail. You can hold these fruits and press the 'start' button instead and you will get more numbers. It is possible to get into the millionaires row from a 'stop' on the lemons. I have also had the cashot using this method, by holding the ones I need and getting the fourth to spin above the line. The machine then gave me the nudges that I needed.
  • There are of course, those of you who simply would like to play these machines for a quick win. The way I do this is not to take the feature game but to gamble a win up 15 pounds and exchange for Millionaires Row (or equivalent on other clones). This will often go to at least 30 pounds and you are guaranteed to keep half your winnings if you force it without collecting what is offered. You may be surprised because it does go all the way to the jackpot.
  • The latest machine in this series is called GOLDEN CASINO.
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