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Doctor Dosh fruit machine guide

A really quick guide to doctor dosh! At first glace its another cop the lot with a different super board, but there are some changes. The only things really of note on the actual board are that when the nurses eyes flash, hold down cancel and you'll have a no lose gamble on the super disc. Turbo cash can go to £10 quite often for a quick steal. Appart from that the machine is a standard bellfruit with expensive progessive blocks. One interesting point on this one is that it will let you spin on around the board for a few spins when the blocks been hit when its really happy. This won't benenfit you in anyway however. I just thought it was interesting for a bellfruit... Best play method is to try and steal a few quid profit. £2-4. 2nd best play method, if you fancy risking £10 for the chance of the streak is to force for the boxes on the reels. After about £30 in you should be close to hi lo'ing the jackpot out. Take 2-1-3 off the boxes (I think! It'll spin the number reel and move you that amount of spaces up the cash, then you can spin on, or take the amount. If you get too many numbers and go past JP, it auto collects the value you land on (£1 always)). Use this feature to get to about £4/5 on the trail then just hi lo gamble. This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get the JP, and can trigger the streak. I assume its a belfruit standard streak, so, play for 3 boards after every JP looking for an invincible. Also, the JP can repeat twice which is the streak. Not sure about afters. I assume one repeat will mean that theres an invincible board to come. Good luck.
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