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Keep the cancel button down during the reel spin and when it gives nudges it will always give skill nudges. If it does not it has been fixed (rechipped) With skill nudges you should get 4 nudges every time that you shouldn't be getting them. Nudge in your highest win. Gamble on 1-4,9-12. Collect if 5-8. If you can nudge the barcode in, do it. Select the 3rd hold button and stop the number on 12 (six pound). If you have gambled on a win above, exchange for the board, select mario button (repeat chance 99% of the time) and COLLECT the win. Don't move on the board. This gets boring but works. If you get the letters lit, collect the accumulator (like the watertank on its a knockout). You will usually find it is on 40p. When you get choose-a-trail try to keep the letters of DK back. Get as low down as you can as this increases the chances of nudges.

Up to now you understand that you do not make a move onto the board except when you win/gamble/exchange - but then you collect the same amount from the board anyway. This should provide a steady income - about #30 an hour. The fun starts if the machine goes blue. (Sometimes it doesn't go blue but you can tell that it is 'on-one' because of the accumulator (higher than normal). Play the feature and when you get near the top hit the Mario button and you should find you become invincible and you will get the jackpot + repeat chance. There seems to be a bug whereby it will only knock off the 'on-one' status when it fills the DK letters. Everytime you get to exchange on the board you bypass this test and it stays on one. Again try to keep the DK letters at bay especially at this stage as you could get it all over and done with very quickly. When it is on one you can go to the top but I go for the accumulator when it hits super jackpot. Another useful tip is you can often hold the reels if there are good fruits in view. Hold the reels, press start and then hold down the cancel button. Also note when you do this the machine will not nudge if there is a win within one nudge or if one nudge will give you enough numbers to fill the feature trail. Here is an interesting observation from Barry Edgar. Some players have tried to pursue this method in the hope that it was possible to empty rechipped Donkey Kongs.

'I was playing a rechipped Donkey Kong last night and discovered the repeating super jackpot was NOT fixed - looks like they might have only repaired the skill nudges problem.'

'So if you get invincible mode, the next time you exchange to feature the High Rise will still be at Super Jackpot as long as you don't get to the feature with the letters of course. Granted it's now much much harder to get and is not an emptier any more but I forced it onto wins by holding rubbish like one cherry then two cherries which it eventually let me do 3 times with a number 10 to exchange for the feature, after that it must have been feeling generous 'cause it let me nudge onto 3 single bars with a number 11 Altogether I got 3 Super JPs all with repeats (7 quid, 8 quid, 6 quid) before it forced the DK letters on me.'
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