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Double Impact

The Trail --------- The trail consist of 8 numbers, the ninth equals one nudge and the trail continues up in nudges, until you have a win to exchange across to. there is a bonus at 4 which gives boost and respin frequently (even when it playing well you can still get respin and boost, the only difference is that it might get you on the trail). the other bonus's include double up which gets you to one nudge, and add again which adds what ever you have got on the win line this usually won't get you on the board.

The reels --------- I don't have a reel guide yet, on the reel symbol blue and red line are superimposed behind them, the three blue on the winline is mystery win, this should obviously be giving 1.60 or more, if it give you a quid then it might be better to walk. The red lines are mystery features which are listed at the left of the reels, when you get the red line features you get a random stop on the 6 features. the feautures include take 5, bank roll and some more which i can't remember. the only feature i have had is take 5 which is five knockouts on the cash side, got 12ukp on first KO, so i took that.

The Game -------- On both the nudges and cash trails are question marks when you reach one of the question marks this can give no lose, lucky 7, extra, move up and a few more. these are pretty self explanatory, extra lights up more of the feature lights at the top of board, you have to get 9 feature lights lit to activate the features. they are lit every time a gamble up the board is successful, so nine successful gambles activates the feautures.

The features ------------ The features include nudge time, super series, cash falls, cask attack, stop n step, and cherry spinner. Nudge Timer - Counts down from 1000 nudges, should be a guaranteed JP. Super Series - had this once, gave 24ukp. Should give at least 15ukp ?? Stop N Step - This is very fast, near impossible to make out reel symbols. had once, got 2ukp. Cherry Spinner - Had once gave me 1ukp!! must be worst feature i have seen, spins in cherry wins until it feels like stopping.

Method of Play -------------- I have only played this machine a few times so i don't know what is the best way to play this machine, but having read the info on the golden pages and info from chritian riley about impulse machines it shouldn't be forced, probably play it like a jpm? don't know whether it is worth playing for red line features, because it is random stop, so you have no control over which feature you get. One thing I have noticed is that when the have activated the main features, the best features are on the good numbers, eg 1,2,11,12 if you have seen the machine you will know what i mean. If anybody wants to add/modify this guide then please feel free. i will add to it when i have more experience playing this machine.
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