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Funny Stories, painful truths and the facts about fruit machines explained
Having been in this business for a long time, we have heard some strange stories over the years, some unbelievably funny. This page is dedicated to those gullible people who believe just about everything that is said, and to those people with the imagination to stir up the fruit machine community. If you would like to share a funny story then please send it to cj.smedley (at)

Any fruit machine player who tours the pubs or clubs for a living would have heard it all before. This is where you meet the local know-it-all who will rush over to see how you got the jackpot, then proceed to teach you to suck eggs. It happens all the time, no matter what you win or walk away with, this guy has won more before. He will be the kind of player that will tell you not to go on a machine because it is not paying out, when in fact he hasn't got a clue how to play it. The kind of person who couldn't get a jackpot when its 3 nudges away and skill nudges are on offer. This is also the kind of person who tries to skillfully stop random nudges on 4 and doesn't understand the outcome is pre-determined before the button is pressed. In fact this often sums up the average punter. The kind of guy who spends his change all night long winning the odd 2 or 3 quid win, and not realising at all he is slowly bleeding to death. Every pub has one.

So lets dispell a few of those myths:

1. Leaving a jackpot repeat to time out will not increase your chances. The result is already pre-determined so it doesn't matter when you hit the button. The same goes for anything on a fruit machine which appears to be random.

2. Electronic devices do not work. Don't be conned into buying anything off ebay that claims to scramble the fruit machines brain. Any rf device, if strong enough, would only cause the software to crash. Some devices have been made which can clock up credits or interfere with the payout using an infra-red light but please don't go investing in these. The manufacturers are always looking on the net for such devices and fixes are made within days. You will just be throwing your money away.

3. Mobile phones do not help. We thought we would mention these separately because this seems to be an issue in arcades. Well, if you work in an arcade and you enforce this law the next sentence applies to you. You are a retard. In fact mobiles can help you with certain memory features on Barcrest machines, but a pen and paper are just the same.

4. Playing with pound coins instead of notes makes no difference. Some players actually think that by using the note changer they are reducing their chances because there are fewer coins left in the hopper. It makes no difference at all.

5. It makes no difference how quickly you play a machine. Some players do believe if they play the machine fast enough the computer brain may not be able to keep up. Amazingly a lot of modern machines still use technology found in a Commodore 64, but the reason for this is simple, the software is very simple and doesn't need to run on anything faster.

The Eccentric Coil
This is a true story that happened to me (Chris) in about 1999 while out touring the pubs. I had been in a pub for about half an hour on a Barcrest machine called Jackpoteers. This machine was quite emptiable if you stayed on it long enough, the trick being to refuse the jackpot repeatedly forcing a much longer streak than would normally happen. On this occasion though I just forced a jackpot and got the normal streak which amounted to about £60. Upon going back to the bar I was informed that my good fortune was down to the fact I had been in the pub at just the right time. "Pardon?" I said. The barman then told me about the internal workings of fruit machines. He was about 80 years old so in his day what he said may have been true, but bless him, the electronic age just passed him by. He told me inside the machine was a slow rotating disk called the eccentric coil. "Oh right" I said, "thats cool". He said this disk turns slowly and only when it is in just the right place it will pay out. "Good theory" I thought, trying to pick holes in this argument and then deciding there was no point as his belief in this device was quite staggering. I left the pub with the biggest smile on my face. I could keep going back to that place and eventually earn myself the reputation of an incredibly lucky fruit machine player.
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