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Gold Digger

This is not a bad offering from BFG if played correctly. Arcade versions are best as they can Streak for 60 - 75 quid. NOTE: The Streak is NOT truly forceable but does work in a Cycle, i.e when enough has gone over and it has to balance out. The Streak is over in a matter seconds [6 - 8 Credits]. A JP will trigger a Streak if the machine is Streak ready. The next 2 - 3 boards will then be Invincible. The Logo Flashes and it says GO ALL THE WAY ON THE ALPHA. Afterplay on this is in the form of mixed boxes or a 5 pound board. PREMIS: Most BFGs like to suck 4 - 5 pound for a trail, do not play if costing 7+ for a trail. The machine must also be full or nearly so. Play for boxes and trails. Choose CHOOSE A WIN [1-3-2] if boxes and wait for a decent win and gamble in. Good Signs: Let Em Spins on BARS, Boxes, Hidden Holds, Regular Feature Entry

METHOD: Basically you are looking to Steal from the Machine if it is not ready or obviously enjoy a DUMP if it's buzzing :) When you first start playing always take TURBO CASH from the Features. Gamble this right out for 15 or LOSE. If its hitting 10 - 15 stay on it and take TURBO CASH again it will come around. Obv the less it costs the more you make. If looking good stay on it and Take TB again, if IM collect and laugh and stay on for the next board. If the TURBO is going to 3 - 4 then lose, then get off it. Hopefully you've only spent a few quid. BFG are notoriously unreadable and do not show out at all really! SO better SAFE than SORRY! Ignore the Feature Board and all the CRAP on it. After all its always 3 Moves then Dead - leave that for the munters. Incidentally STOP A WIN is JP. Follow this basic advice and you should be OK! The idea is to nick a JP here and there and enjoy a streak if you get it. I've had one in a SHIPLEYS for months - It's Great!
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