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Goldstrike fruit machine guide

Goldstrike is a machine I have yet to lose on if full.

82% 25p play is what I play it on and I can't seem to go wrong on it. Barcrest's website says something about "more even payouts" (or some such thing). I assume this translates as "streaks less and throws out good wins for Mr Joe Clueless Punter more often". What it seems to mean in reality is that a good player can win on it as well as any other Barcrest (if not better) and you can still make a profit even if it's not ready. (As Mr Clueless Punter still thinks "Oh - 3 quid, I'd better take that before it kills me, even though 3 quid hasn't been a decent win since Hyper Viper").

If it's more than 15 quid light then leave it, otherwise force the first JP and the next board will either go IM (4 question marks) or offer a JP anyway. I've had IM board repeat for 45 (for streak of 60) a couple of times, or just IMJP but then good afterplay (Silver Streak is worth 13 or 14 if it offers it after IMJP board). If no IM or JP board (can get JP board after but not necessarily IM, so keep an eye out for nudges, reel blasts etc) then afters can be worth equivalent of another JP.

Even on a bad day it can be forced when full. I put 45 in one the other day for (finally) a JP and a 36 GoldStreak, which still equalled a profit (if not much of one). Dunno what % you're on where you're playing so how much it gets hammered by pros but where I am this is fast becoming one of my fav machines, me and the wife have started referring to it as "the cashpoint". Refills are dead easy to spot too, typical Barcrest bad signs and you know to leave it within a tenner at most.

Seems that Barcrest's attempt to make a more "friendly" machine have just made it easier for any decent player to hammer it, or at least avoid a loss.

I've had a crafty JP off Golden Hold (or super Golden Hold), nudges, using 8 respins (yep, 8) whilst holding 2 JPs in view with 7 reel blasts until the 3rd JP came in and other such stuff after forcing the first JP on what may have seemed to be a "dead" machine. Seems that Barcrest have made a genuine attempt to get away from the "force first JP and really obvious IMJP next" syndrome - which suits me just fine.
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