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Happy Fruits / Crazy Fruits Down Under

This guide applies to both Happy Fruits and Crazy Fruits Down Under, as they are virtually identical. I shall now refer to them both as Crappy Fruits. When you are on the board, all numbers are treated exactly the same, so gamble with the odds. Same chance of winning on a 2 as a 6. There are set block points, often at £3, Cashcade, Fruit Lines etc. Learn where the blocks are, and don't try to gamble past them except on a 1 or 12. If Cancel lights up, you have one no-lose gamble. Save it until you REALLY need it, e.g. if you want to get to Fruit Lines, and Cashcade is blocked, then get to Turbo Cash on a 2 or 11, reverse it with cancel, then you've got it. If you can get to the cherry win with bells above, or bells with stars / kiwis, then Fruit Lines steps down to JP. If you get hidden features, then 1-2-3 Choose-a-Win is the one to go for on Happy Fruits, or 3-1-2 Eliminator on CFDU. Go for a low win with a good setup e.g. cherries with bells/stars above, or on eliminator oranges with bells below is quite common. Then, if you get cancel, you can exchange below super hold, and use the cancel to get it (otherwise it will be blocked). If you exchange to a bonus, you'll get a red exchange (super features and turbo gamble on the cash). You may want to try to push out a jackpot on Turbo Cash. That's basically it, apart from watch out for the rechips (where the cancel cheat doesn't stay lit between gambles if you don't use it), because these can make it impossible to get near Fruit Lines, and they are tighter on the Turbo, so the only way to get JP seems to be to get it off Super Hold by exchanging to Fruit Match on a 12 or something. Also exchanging to red Fruit Match and using the super knockout can often give red Super Hold, even when it's there. If the cancel goes out after a gamble when you don't use it, or an exchange, and you're not on 1 or 12, then it's rechipped. Also, if you get the super knockout, it's "H SHOT ACTIVE" on the original, and "1 SHOT ACTIVE" on the rechip (which lets you nudge in the numbers to complete it, whereas the original would bug, stopping it from being completed). Pound Plus - £1 repeater. Super - £2 repeater. Can sometimes repeat a fair bit. Have had £14 a couple of times off super. Fruit Match - one reel blast. Don't bother. Super - eliminate reels. Still crap but have seen £3-£4. Super Hold - one up and down. Super - two steps. Don't expect to get to this if you only need one step for a good £5+ win, but that's what cancel's for. Turbo Cash - gamble on the screen. Not true skill. Super - starts higher. Can be jackpot on the £15 version, haven't seen it on £25 or the rechips. Cashcade - cash amounts come down, then you get a 3-shot climb. Super - all amounts up to £2 are filled in. Jackpot is possible by hitting it when almost the whole board is full, and you only need to fill in one amount (first amount always fills). Gamble to this is sometimes blocked. Fruit Lines - step up or down to add fruit to the board, first line is awarded. Often jackpot, gamble always blocked (even when not a decent win). Super - gives win boost (up 1-3 places after getting the win). Mix'n'Match (on Crappy Fruits) - offers three choices, about £3-4. Super - minimum offer £3, can offer £10, I'd take £5+. This is replaced by Bin it or Win it on CFDU, same except on the board instead of on the reels. It won't offer the same win twice. Stop'n'Match - middle reel spins, hit it and it will match it. It jumps off high wins. Super - hit cancel and it will slow down, so JP. Cash Dash - skill cash. Not bad, if you are good, can be JP. Super - starts higher, may or may not be a bit slower. Number Run - step up or down, adds numbers for cash. Usually £5-£10. Super - you can hold the reels. May be better going for bells rather than numbers (as it will stop if the numbers get too high). Stop-a-Win - reels line up, stop it on JP. Super - reels step down VERY slowly. You cannot miss! Crazy Streak - win series, £10+. Super - JP+. Very hard to get, but I have had it for £24. I messed around on a red board until I got it once (you have to exchange to a bonus, you can't just collect it on a red board, even though the boomerang may be red).

From Craig - Only play when backing, and even then it's still possible to push a ton over it and not get a 30 - 70 streak :( (As I found to my expense on SUNDAY - Still if you play in MEGA BOWLS you'll get that). If happy and giving boards start playing for BOXES and take CHOSE A WIN ( 1 2 3). See if you can get the Cherries with BELLS above. Once on the board you'll be looking for a SUPER HOLD. You won't get it too early and you will often get killed well early - well atleast you know where the machine is at and don't have to piss around on the board. Keep doing this and sooner or later the JP will be available. Whether it repeats is another thing! When you do get a JP - forget letting it timeout, instead look at your credits before the YES NO repeat - if it DOES NOT take a credit it will repeat!. The streak with these is mostly 45 and sometimes 60 - 70 with an extra push... As for FEATURES. Normal STOP A WIN is JP, RED is a PISS EASY JP ! Red CASH Streak is OK, 15 - 30, sometimes more but can set the streak back if taken RED Stop N Match is a JP CASH DASH is a HARD JP, but with enough skill is hittable. (NOT FREE NOT REGULAR) Red / Normal TURBO Cash can be a JP. ( Good for a quick nick) Red start on 5 norm on 3. TIP After collecting Turbo Cash keep your finger on cancel and press it straight back down to guarntee the first win. Play with caution and you should be OK.

From Christian - There's a nasty chip for HF which is awful compared to the original. It doesnt buzz the same way and the streaks are poor. Also if HF repeats the JP then its streaking. Look out for the red board immediately after a JP, or in some cases it comes 2/3 boards after JP or even comes after the next normal JP! Also on the features, fruit lines can be JP (look up and down the reels and work out the highest win that would be stepped first). If you get 3 cherries with bells above and get offered FL then collect and step down for JP (it doesnt add the fruits on the line if theres a win there). Fruit Frenzy (HF clone) is slightly different and seems to pay in 30 quid lumps.

And.... when the cancel lights up, I always keep it until: a) exch over to the feature side then use it if required for super hold, turbo cash, fruit lines, cash dash (easy 10/JP for experienced skillstoppers), stop n match, or stop a win; or b) if theres not much on for the features OR a super feature is required for JP (super Super Hold for example), then use the cancel button ON THE CASH SIDE to go lower on 3/4 (hopefully for the b9/2), or higher on a 9/10 (for b7/11). Dont worry about gambling on bad numbers on the cash side as it rarely kills you.

From Prez - I play to take TURBO gamble. Hope for the 15. Only play when backing within 5 quid. The 15 can start a streak. Often the streak is staggered. I have found red features are offered instead of getting the IM. The best way is to keep putting a few quid in and as long as it is still putting you up on the board then it is still playing.
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