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Hells Bells

Turbo win can be good for a quick steal going to £14 sometimes but a lot of the time goes to zero. However it can give two £10+ wins in two quick boards on good percentage machines. I have found on three occasions that if genuinely backing and playing like a sod it's not far away from going red on feature entry if you force it. An example of this:- £4 block for £20 in then red on feature entry with jacky on next board from 2 cash shots and a £13 turbo win in afters. About £40 profit. Boxes on winline:- code 123 for double shot gives you the option to pick 1 of 2 cash amounts then the chance to gamble for feature. I take the best win then just collect even if on a 1 or 12 because quite frequently it will offer holds for the boxes again. Repeat 123 collect etc, avoiding the board and will more than likely go for up to £20 at times by offering holds again.
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