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Hi Impact

Hi Impact is similar to arcadia without the nudge boost, and features aren't xtreme but it has cash x5 on coin features instead. The 2nd feature up is 15 when on x5 as its three drops, each easy to stop on 1 x 5. Don't try forcing a JP. Collect a fiver unless 1/12 or no lose etc. Collect the 10 or 15 as top feature often gives just 15, 20 - 30 if you're lucky. The feature Sky Hi is very poor, it is a nemesis type Hi/Lo cash accumulator often giving just 2 climbs for 1.00 + 1.20 + 1.60 = 4 quid. I'm sure it can pay a lot more but I haven't seen it yet. Hidden features as you'd expect money talks is the shoot 'em up, dirty dozen and red alert best, big wedge same as big 50 often just a fiver. Also noticed that if you manually nudge win on a bonus number e.g. boxes rather than cherries it doesn't give you the further bonus, where the autonudge does - strange as arcadia will give it you.
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