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Hi Jinx

If this is full or near then a streak is easy to force. It is in a very bad mood if you use up 2-3ukp without getting on the feature trail. Leave it. Never be tempted to take Crazy Cash or Super Repeater before the first JP, it always slows the streak down. I have started the streak from Super Streak (SS), jackpot (JP) on the board and +cash going around the feature trail. The next JP will be offered within 2-3 ukp. If the first Super Streak is only 15ukp or less then you will usually only get 2 more JP's but if the SS is over 15 the streak should be at least 60 total. It trys to be a bit sneaky after the first SS or JP by offering a JP from a stopper on a normal real spin always test the cancel button for the slow climb up the cash trail. Also if it forces the select a win feature during the streak watch for the climb from 60p, another JP.(Its easy to react by pressing cancel) When it is in happy mode you will get onto the feature board at least once per 1ukp,if you then lose on the feature board most time it will go back in almost straight away. I always use 'STOPPER' or 'BOOST' if offered, I have once started a streak for 60 from stopper on a normal spin (With flashing Barcrest).
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