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High Roller

This machine is essentially a reglass of 5LINER but with a different style of super feature. Instead of getting 3 casino crazy chips you need to be awarded 3 Hi Roller's. These are usually awarded from from the Bonus 3 and the Bonus 10. It will very rarely go past 15 quid. The other difference is that the features in reverse order and with different names. The important ones are HOTSHOT and ROLL UP. Hotshot is a skillstop the same Big Buck$ on 5Liner. With practice you should get £15 most of the time and at worst £10. Roll up is the same as Casino Las Vegas on 5Liner. You will need to be able to hit a 5 or a 12 for the jackpot. You will notice on the Hi-Lo reel there is a small black number by the 12 and you can use this as a guide. The 5 is the number after it so it is quite a big target to aim for.
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