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High Spirits

High Spirits - I'm not too sure if this is a test machine but its by Global and is very very playable. I've played this for about 3 mths now every other day, and made good profit from it !

The machine is very easy to read - play if full (or nearly) gamble up the two trails on 1,2,3's, & 12,11,10's etc - objective - force the jackpot , then check the next 2 boards for streak.

Jackpot can be obtained from super hold (about 3 feature up trail) providing you can get enough nudges to allow the reels to step in 1 each way, 15 quid near the top - hi spirits from the bonuses 4's and 11's and of course the top feature it self. The most i've ever had to put down the back was 20 quid for a JP.

Red boards aren't "that" easy to spot - the logo changes color from blue to red, and the way the display is set on the board its not "that" easy to notice, well the pub i play in has dim lighting anyway. Watch out for Red nudges - again they arent that easy to spot - just nudge the highest fruit down to collect / exchange the win. Streaks vary from 20, 30 ,45, and 65. The 65 came from a red for 15, a quid later a normal board which killed me about 3/4th gamble - 2/3 spins later another red for 40.
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