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HILOWATHA / ROYLE FAMILY fruit machine guide

RAYMONDO: I believe it's safe to say that the 20p trick emptier has gone a long long time :-) so here's my method on a chipped version:

Play for BarCodes. The barcode sequence is only Triple Bar, Double Bar ,and then single bar. Type in the code for 2-3-1 for Crazy Cash, then wait until it jumps to £8.10 +, if you manage to hit £10.10+, then automatically it's JP. That will boost you to £10 when you start the feature board, collect either Cash Tray (Super Cash Tray is JP as it's Skill stop JP) and Reel Benefit is Wins Series - spins in Wins adding to cash values £12 - £25. I have £25 everytime I think. When to stop and collect Nudges : nudges offering £2.50 win (most of the time) Cash : (£2.50 - £3.00) win Features : Cash Stop, Double Deal, Fast cash (if you are good enough) Super Featues : If the number that you were gambling on matches the position of features (for example 5th feature up : Cash Stop and you have a position 5 on the number reel, the feature then becomes Super. 5th : Super Cash Stop : Still utter shit, collect a win between £2 - £7 6th : Super Fast Cash : Cash light flashing up and down, stop on the light and get that value. So fast Cash Feature True Skill Stop to JP during the first time, I only had it once. With practise you should get to Jp if not £10 7th : Super Double Deal : 7th Kncokout and I think it's £7 most of the time. 9th : Super Cash Tray : True Skill Stop to get the JP while a light in the Cash panel thingy runs round and round. Stop on the £2 to get JP ( I think) 11th: Reel Benefit : Never had it, but I think it just go more then £25 ? or just £25 Any others I do not have a clue, and one hint never collect Jims Ring, it's shit but I cant remember the feature. The message was just a little experience I played, anyone who thinks I have a false believe just correct me!

CMR: Just to add/correct...... Super Reel Benefit is 25 minimum, and normal RB is 8-13 or 25. Super Fast Cash will slip off JP to the tenner most of the time. Super Funny Money is always 4 or 5 quid, and Super Greedy Guts is 5-8 quid (it automatically hits the first 2 shots, then just hit it again once and collect on 5/6/7/8). The machine is naturally happy on the board when giving slow down bonuses, x lifes and Barcode feats off the bonus. Theres usually a block at Fast Cash (it will nearly always give a 10 when gambling from Cash Stop). And if you're within 2 nudges of a big win it'll usually kill. If you're on Cash Stop and you suspect it will kill next go (and obviously nothing better to take) then take the features and gamble for FC or GG. Your first gamble on the board is a no-lose most of the time (except if theres a big nudge win on). - When you get the barcode AND you have a NINE on the right side, try to hit Crazy Cash on 6.20-8.00. This will give a Jims Ring start on the board most of the time, then collect the feat and gamble it down to Super CT for JP. Super CT doesn’t time out, but the longer you look at it the more chance you'll miss it! You'll know what I mean when you get it! BTW, if you hit CC on 8.20+ with a 9 on the right, it can start on RB and give 8-13 quid (and you have no chance of getting super CT). Rarely, it'll start on Fag End (bad luck!), so just take FE and hope for 5 or 10 quid. NEVER gamble FE for JP as it will lose 99/100 times! - When you get BC AND you have an 11 on the right side, try to hit on 8.20+. Most of the time it will start on JR (cos it doesn’t want to give Super RB). Sometimes I gamble the 11 for RB but it can lose! Or you can take JR and gamble it down to CT for 10-14 quid. - When get you BC AND you have a 1/12 on any hi-lo number, try to hit on 8.20+. If the 1/12 is on the cash gamble then its JP, otherwise you need some random kicking in on it starting the nudge/feat at the top. The ONLY time you'll ever have a 1/12 on the hi-lo upon board entry is after a losing board and it doesn’t spin it off. Very rare, but nice when it happens! It doesn’t have an IM, the closest being it will give x life and/or multi add and climb out (with no delays on the hi-lo gambles). I've seen the JPR repeat once in the whole time I've been playing these (over 1000+ sessions on them!). Whenever you have a 1/12 on the left, or a 2/11 with extra life, or a no-lose with 2/11; and you get a Respin Reels or a slow-down bonus (hit Respin), hold the reel(s) with bells close by. Cos it’s a BFG, it'll usually try to take the piss by "near missing" the bells so you need 1 more nudge. Obviously cos you have a no-lose gamble on the left, JP is yours! Not very often this scenario happens but nice when it does. Whenever you have a super feature available on the right, one below the current position, then it will nearly always lose down to that feature when you collect. For example, if you're on Cash Stop and get a 4 on the right, collect CS and gamble it down for Super GG. If it rolls a fiver in on the reels and the nudges DON’T start on 1, 2 or 3, then its usually a JP board. Quite rare though. Usually it'll start on 1 nudge and kill first gamble (so collect the best available). WARNING! These can block the barcode for 100+ quid in if they've been hammered, so be careful! Also, if it stops holding, switch it onto 10p stake and keep your finger on the start button till it gives a hold. Then do it again till it gives another hold, then switch back onto 30p. I once played 18 quid thru one on 30p without a hold. The average on 10p is around 3 quid. In case you're wondering, its best to play for 2 holds on 10p as they like to give a single hold then fuck around again till next hold. It took me a long time to fully suss these, and they certainly ain't easy! It'll probably take a few plays before you get to grips with them. Finally, I would recommend only playing these on 80% or better. If its lower then you'll only make decent profit if they're really steamed. And if you're in the North East, DON’T play them please!!!!! ps. Please don’t send any private mails on this machine, I don’t have time! I'll answer any queries on the list. CMR
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