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Homer's Meltdown

There is a very simple method to playing these. Firstly you need to know that the machine is close to full. Insert about 10 pounds and hope that one of them drops down the back, if it does the machine is practically full and can hopefully be forced. Now all you do is collect nothing until you get a board which gives you the jackpot. This is quite easy as features that are not going to award the jackpot will kill you off quite quickly. If the cash goes over 5 pounds then it usually goes all the way, and if not on this feature then it will on the next. Now you just keep your fingers crossed that the next feature will be a red board. If it is then you will get the streak which will mean a total of up to 60 pounds out. If the next feature isn't red then just walk away, hopefully with only a small loss if any.
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