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When playing HOTSHOT: Put 3-5 pounds in straight away, if it's backing it is a bonus, if it's not it doesn't really matter. If you get a win and one of the fruits has a box round it, it will knock you up to the next win on the ladder.

NUDGES: When awarded nudges only gamble if it is on a good number, 1,2,3,4,9,10,11,12. It is advisable to keep gambling on the good numbers if a reasonably small win is offered from nudge until you have a decent number (or a bonus) to go on, on the "win" HI-LO side. This machine does give flasholds (holds after nudges) so play for LET 'EM SPIN! wins. The rules I usually go for on the HI-LO "win" gamble is above 4 pounds don't gamble on 4's or 9's and above 5 pounds don't gamble on 3's and 10's.

To make good profit on this machine every win counts so don't always try to get the jp or you will end up being down.

RED NUMBERS: As you are gambling hi and lo you may have noticed that on the "win" side HI-LO one of the 5,7,11 and 12's is red. This means that if you are offered a feature when this number is showing it will be super.

BONUS: The bonus on the 4 on the trail usually puts you on to nudges. When you have reel skill, try and get the BARCODE close (or jp, or blue sevens) without putting any more numbers on the winline. You get the bonus again by doing this, and you hope you'll get something like selector or stoppa. Here is how to use the rest. Spin off - AKA respin, try and hold the reels that don't have numbers on hoping that no numbers will come in and you get the bonus again, or alternatively if you have the 4 on the winline hold it and if there is a win close all 3. Reel skill - as above. Skill stop - AKA jackpot, the skill stop (very rare) always goes straight to the top for unlimited nudges, so don't miss it - it's easy! Stoppa - Good bonus this one, hold down cancel to slow it down and hit it on the best amount of nudges you can, sometimes even goes to unlimited, but be quick as it is easy to miss it. Numbers in view - numbers in view. Feature hit - I've not had this but I presume it exists so basically it offers you a random feature. Nudge steppa - Basicly you get to choose up or down for the reels to step, holding down the buttons stops that particular reel, so try and get a win close for nudges or a barcode.

FEATURES AND BARCODES: Here is a list of the features and barcodes to get. Then which to take and which not to.


123- Nudge roulette: Poor feature normally, spins in reels and offers certain amount of nudges, about £4 max. If it is super you'll get the jackpot by holding down the buttons that are close to jackpot then pressing start when your sure JP is close enough for nudges, good knowledge of the reels is useful.

132- Stick or twist The first reel spins in a win and offers you to mix or match, if you mix then the second spins and so on. max £5 or Jackpot maybe if super

213- Break the bank A hilo trail usually reaping all of £2 or £3, but up to £12 if super

312- Cash up Like water cannon on red alert. Is easy enough to hit on £4 or £5, if hit it on jp when not super. When it is super it goes straight from the bottom to the top to start with, but does still require some skill.

321- Rich pickings: 6 knockouts, guaranteed £3, if it is super it is always jp if it offers the mystery win or just the jackpot normally.

For this barcode 123, If it is normal take CASH UP and try your skill. If it super take CASH UP for a quick skillstop up to the JP or take RICH PICKINGS if you are not very good at skills. SUPER RICH PICKINGS is usually the jackpot. Note, you can collect the bottom MYSTERY WIN on this feature and it will award the JP too.


123- Cash express: Money belt. £5 normal, up to £14 when super

132- Cash seeker: Basicly 3 different wins on the screen, they shuffle about and you have to remember which one is the highest. Max of about £3, or £9 when super.

213- Instant win: Pick a win. Up to £5 or jp when super

231- Lucky numbers: Rolls in numbers and boosts you up the trail I have had £10 and JP off this when not super. When it is super it is always jp. Just hold down the buttons when there is a number on the reel and it will stay there.

312- Roll with it: Skill stop on the middle reel. AND IT IS TRUE SKILL EVERY TIME! Jp is 3 after the treble bar. Super is damn slow and if you don't feel confident look for the strawberry then the second strawberry, then it is two after.

321- Lucky touch: Random selection of a win in view, however if you hold down two of the reels you eliminate them. Super is the same but a slow skill stop and if jp is available you've got it.

For the 321 barcode I always take ROLL WITH IT if non super and if it is super, LUCKY NUMBERS.
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