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Impulse / Red Alert

This is a great machine when playing fairly well but you must play it perfectly to maximise you profit. If you make a mistake and miss a jackpot it can take a long time before you get another opportunity. Play for the feature '11th Heaven' which is a skill stop on the hi-lo reel. You can use the cancel to slow the reel down and stop it on 11, which is the required number of steps up the feature board for the jackpot repeater. Very often this has been a way to get a quick 30 or 45 out of the machine and walk. The other good way to get a jackpot is from the hidden features. Some of the fruits have a red bar behind them. Three red bars activates the features. If you can select which one you want (when it steps down the features) take HOT-SHOT. This is an easy skillstop on the letter T in the pay window. Use cancel to slow it down. This can be one of the quickest ways to get a jp repeater out of this machine. One sign that this machine is playing badly is it will lose on 2, 3, 10 and 11 on small wins, and usually when there is little to be gained by winning the gamble. Such as when no exchanges are lit when gambling from 1.20 to 1.60. I have also found that if at anytime the machine lets you gamble to 11th Heaven on a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 then it playing well.


Oh dear, JPM must be joking. not content with trying to usurp one of the best machines they ever cloned (Impulse/RA) with Hi Impact they have come out with a Total Reclone called BigBanger (sic) Here goes with a one play (18 profit for an hours work) players guide Exactly the same as RA/Imp except Feature column is different Extra row above 15 pound line at top of fivers??????????? Red features different names (still to check see below) - note red features are bottles of ketchup (sad) OK feature column as follows bottom to top Reel Sizzler - STNW Toad in the Hole - Super hold as before Fry up - lights cascade down on cash - 3 hit to link up for amount (seen it before cant remember name) Bangers n Mash - Smoke screen Spud U like - Flashes amounts like Red Alert on J5L - Flashing symbolises ???? Casherole - Nudge Spinner - quite quick need to know layout as win not shown Mixed Grill - Knockouts whatever is on number reel - I hit the fiver at the top with 6 Ko's that was a fiver + chance of 0,5 or 15 (guess what I got) GasMark 2 - In the Firemans position but not - like Double Impact on HI suggestion - stop it lower on first stop to have a better chance of the big prizes , I stopped it on a fiver 1st up and struggled on next shot Sausage Roll - didnt get it but probably the 11th Heaven but please confirm Hot Dogs - Big 50 position but slightly different. Stop flashing notes (however many) on 10 notes then three shot hit to link up. I had one at position 1 and 1 at position 4. Hit the next 2 and got the 20 only but did it drop a credit???????? Red Features are called HiFryer the only one I got (twice) Lucky ladders clone. First time a fiver (vv fast) and the bump doesnt work for super hold Others are Hot Sausage, Bread roll, Heat it up, Cash Banger, Silly sausage and Reel Tasty - very sadly original game play is like RA/Imp but come on - basically a RA clone nicking features of other machine - the extra bank of fivers at the top is interesting though
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