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An introduction to this fruit machine site.
If you are looking for the best place to play fruit machines online then please click the ONLINE SLOTS button above. If you are a keen player of UK fruit machines like you find in pubs and clubs then please read on. Have you ever left the pub feeling totally gutted saying to yourself "Why did I keep playing that fruit machine, I knew it wasn't going to pay out"? Of course you have, we all have at some time. If only you had the knowledge of that machine before you started playing it. Our founder members were the first to benefit when given the glorious fruit machine emptier for Donkey Kong. We were given this trick by a fellow player and it earned us at least £150 a day each. All we had to do was find the fruit machines and spend the time using the trick. Simple.

In case you didn't know, an "emptier" is a system to completely empty a fruit machine. These are tricks which usually manipulate the fruit machine's percentage causing it to become more generous, or a system which tricks the machine into paying wins it would otherwise bar.

Things have changed now though. These days emptiers might make you money for about a week if you are lucky. Last year there was a new trick coming out every week but because of the free message boards on the net, the whole fruit machine playing population of the UK found out about them immediately. Everybody who was getting a trick just felt compelled to ring all his contacts to share it so he would be guaranteed getting a trick back in the future. The problem was everybody was competing with each other and the manufacturers got to find out quickly too and fixed the problem. I remember getting text messages from some guys in Portsmouth blaming me for spreading a trick. The thing was I didn't even have it at the time! But those guys were idiots and had no idea really. They were all travelling for miles up to my area and competing with themselves and blaming me! Its a shame really that all the players I met from there were such tossers.

Playing fruit machines without using emptiers.
A much better way to make money is using a system which does not interfere with the fruit machine's percentage, so basically you play a machine armed with the knowledge other players do not have. Remember, you are not just trying to beat the machine, the key is to be armed with more knowledge than the last person who played it. Take JPM's Red Arrows for example. This machine came out around 2000 / 2001 and in a normal pub would be quite happy to drop a jackpot if you knew how to get it, and more often than not had a second jackpot available which only the best players could win. We found it was worth the while covering almost every pub in the area to build up a nice route which could be done every couple of days. On an average day a route would involve about 15 to 20 pubs and the profit would be over £200. The profit per machine was no more than £15 on average so we never drew attention to ourselves, something a lot of young upstarts these days only realise when they find themselves getting barred from places. Some members of this club have never been barred from any pub, you will find out more about this later. Its very easy to be courteous, by the barstaff a drink and look smart. This is all it takes in most cases to make yourself welcome. There are a whole load of players, in particular many that have started doing the pubs in the south. It is amazing that armed with a bit of info they suddenly feel the need to brag about it, or tell others to get off their patch. Time after time they find themselves barred because of their inexperience and lack of respect for the knowledge they have gained.

It was a real pleasure recently to hear from an old friend of mine who had worked out a good trick. He had kept it to himself for 4 whole months without even telling his best friends. He had just come to the conclusion that the only way he was going to make money was to be totally ruthless. And this is sad really because it used to be nice in the old days when tricks could be shared or bought knowing that they would be around for a while. Incidently, this no longer is a concern for me as I have stopped playing, I just concentrate on being the webmaster for this site now. Many of the players I have met like to think they can simply add my mobile number to their list of contacts and expect to trade info freely, well it doesn't work like that. Anyway, I have waffled off the beaten track.

It is not just about getting a trick, there is so much more to it than that. You have to learn to be disciplined.
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