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OK, just bumped into this Hotshot clone tonight. It seems much nastier, though. Does it have super features? I thought it might be the "Shoot on Red" (or something) bonus, but all that did was turn the board red (which happens anyway when you get a red ball).

It seems a lot nastier than Hotshot. I only managed to get a flash hold once, on mixed sevens, but did get £15 off Skill Shot. It doesn't have a jackpot on the reels, only £15, and above that is the top feature (which I wasn't going to gamble for on a 3, knowing JPM).

The left barcode came up all the time, but ALL the features were crap. ALL THE LEFT FEATURES ARE SHITE! I couldn't see any way of getting more than £4 off any of them. The right barcode wouldn't come up at all. I worked out the feature order instantly (same as the other clones) but that's no use if they're all crap! The only decent feature I got was the On A Roll one.

A few things to add on this having played it again. Super Six Appeal cheats in so much that it turns the notes red, gives you skill select on the number but avoids 4 & 6 (£25 numbers) so you're forced to take £15 with the 2. Not sure if it would always do this. The super features seem random as I had a standard feature, span an arrow and was given a super feature so no relation to the number. Has anyone managed to get a super feature with barcode as it doesn't seem to offer these at all (almost as though they want to avoid those with experience on the machine having too much of an advantage).
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