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Jungle Buck$

Bellfruit have obviously realised how popular BARCREST are at the moment with ARABIAN NIGHTS and NEPTUNES TREASURE that they have tried to produce a clone. How very sad. The first time I played this I thought it could be another machine on my rounds. The first jackpot came from an invincible board - where the logo flashes and you can do what you like to get the jackpot. My favourite is to hi-lo the knockouts going the wrong way on the numbers which does make some of the lower lifeforms in the pub think oyu've got a system! Anyway, the next 2 jackpots were invincible modes too and then the machine died. I assumed it would be a simple procedure to streak this machine by just refusing small wins until you got the first jackpot, the same as playing any BARCREST. Wrong! The next time I returned to this machine I slotted about 60 quid down the back. The feature game would consistently go to lose on the second spin. When I did force a jackpot it just took it straight back. The feature game was very easy to get, easier than a barcrest, so I got about half my money back by sucking £2 - £5 wins off a load of boards in close succesion. Although it looks like a clone, it doesn't play like one, so my advice is this. Only play when full, force the first jackpot, if it doesn't repeat and the next board is rubbish then walk away. If it is going to streak then it will do it quickly.
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