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Lotta Luck / Jackpoteers fruit machine guide

This is another great machine from Barcrest. It will streak for between £45 and £60 and sometimes it is possible to squeeze a bit more. The board has three levels. The inner level has the best features including the CASH STREAK which can pay up to £70 though usually it will pay £15. The way to play is to force the first jackpot. One best way is to force the machine to the inner ring and into the cash streak. This should activate the streak and following features will play well. Often the cash climb on the left hand side will fill up quickly, jumping two or three cash amounts at a time. The feature LOCOMOTION is also good for a jackpot at this time. When you collect it, check that the jp symbols are on the same line then stop the reels on the second set of yellow bars. The reels will slip on about three places and stop on the jackpot. This feature does go much slower when it is 'SUPER'. Any feature becomes 'SUPER' when you land on it twice. Not all SUPER features guarantee a jackpot. One of the first features is REEL ROULETTE. If you land on this twice it will become super and you can select any of the fruits in the reel window (except the middle one) so watch out for those jackpot symbols. There is also a red mode on this machine. While you are on the feature game watch out for the numbers 3, 7 and 11. These are red and when they spin in they will advance the feature trail one or more places. If the trail gets to position 9 you will here a short tune and the board will flash. You are now invincibal and can go to the centre for the cash streak. Good signs to look out for are 1) flashholds on cherries or mixed sevens. 2) bonuses offering TAXI. 3) Red numbers advancing 2 or more positions.

Jakpoteers is still around in £25 format though the last one I saw was still in Gatwick airport on the departure side. This one does work reasonably well as it can be forced for the red. The EMPTIER involves refusing the RED MODE by taking a small win or killing the feature off. Each time you do this it will get much happier.
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