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Money Mad Martians fruit machine guide

Haven't come accross £25 version but assume it's same as £15.00 one. One thing I found, when you get true skill on nudges it will occasionally let you take it up to the jackpot. Don't do this though. I take it up to nine nudges & use them to bring as close to the winline as possible the 2nd highest fruit win (3 Red 7's on £15 version). When you are down to 1 nudge, true skill it up to 9 nudges & keep repeating this until you can get the 3 red 7's on the winline. You will then have enough to keep shuffling the features until you can get the top one (MMM) which I prefer to getting the JP repeat chance on the nudge side as it never did repeat. - Hope that makes sense! Also, just a small thing, when you get bonus, 2-3-1 gives 8 nudges on codebreaker. Don't think there's a higher one.
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