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The principal for playing MMM is similar to Superpots. The £8.00 win and jackpot are both free. Firstly you must get the machine happy enough to gamble up to 5 pounds. This can take anything up to £30.00 to do but usually it is less. On all features you are forced to take, always take the minimum. For example 'Twister' is usually nothing if you hold the collect down immediately. 'Roll even' will come back to an odd number if left to spin from an odd number. The key to the trick is try and get to the £8.00 win. This is done by nudging in the three unboxed treble bars which pay £4.00 and you use this win to try to get 'reel run'. The middle treble bar is the one with the bonus on it so when it rolls in and you can use 'cancel' to select a bonus, take respin and hold the reels you wish to keep until the treble bars are within 8 nudges. Note: The treble bars are about 5 fruits above the cashpots. You will not always get a skill bonus and sometimes the trails get high and the reels will not hold and there is nothing you can do about this. Once you have the bars within 8 nudges select 'stoppa' and stop it on the 'e' of nudge and then gamble the nudges until you are offered the treble bars. Quite often you will see the £5.00 win lit because you can nudge in the blue sevens. Press the cancel button to nudge the reels manually. If at anytime you are offered the £5.00 win you get a 1 or 12 on the nudge hi-lo then collect and gamble to £8.00 (similar to waiting for a 1,3,8 or 12 on Superpots). Once you have nudged in the treble bars you must now try to get the feature 'reel run' by swapping the feature. Sometimes you will lose trying to get it. When you collect this feature hold down the first treble bar immediately and it will spin to the boxed blue seven. The second will be spun in for you and you must reel match the third. This will usually take a couple of attempts before you can hit it every time. If you get a boxed blue 7 on the left reel and you have reel run then let it stop itself, it always comes back to the same fruit. This also works to get the cashpot, which is free. As with the Superpots trick because these wins are free you must remember to bring the machine down when you have taken about half the money out of it. It will quite happily pay up to 4 repeats on a £5.00 win with the repeat light lit! So make sure you leave it playing badly so it fills up again quicker! To tell if it is a rechipped machine press 3-2-1-2-3-1 on the hold buttons, if the middle hold button flashes for about 20 secs then it is likely to be unchipped.
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