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Monopoly 60

When the machine is happy to pay out tokens (e.g. is giving good signs like 'Skills', 'Free Parking', 'Skill Nudges', bringing round good reels for 'Nudge Pots', etc.) Refuse to take the token wins, i.e. £5 or JP, as this kills the machine off, but if you keep collecting cash it stays happy. I think it is because the machine has two pots to pay from a token pot and a cash pot, when taking cash it still has to pay tokens but doesn't realize that you can take as much cash as you can.

When given 'Free Parking' aim for 'Water Works', if you miss then collect whatever you hit (even if £1 on 'Nudge Pot') to avoid getting JP. Collect 'Water Works' and select either '10 Nudges' or 'Crazy Reels', if after a while it hasn't offered you one of these features collect £3 or £4, to avoid the feature timing out. When given 'Skill' go for 'Just Visiting' or 'Water Works'. When given 'Skill Nudge' keep your hand on start, this pauses the machine, now you can check how many nudges you need for £3 or £4 make sure you don't hit enough for £5 or £8. If you get '10 Nudges' nudge in 'Uncle Moneybags' and select 'Crazy Reels' (1-3-2). If you get 'Crazy Reels' you should (hopefully) get £3.80 or £4 + repeat chance. If you are unlucky it will do a big stick and bring in £5 or £8. If you get 'Just Visiting' select 'Rock and Roll' (3-1-2) this is a stop n step feature with a superhold afterwards. It is now possible to get 'Uncle Moneybags' off reel 2. This feature has two speeds, when going fast you should still be able to hit 'Uncle Moneybags' as he is yellow and there is also a single yellow bar above him. Be careful not to stop bars on reels 1 and 3 as if you get the single bar on reel 2 you will be awarded the bars win. If £5 rolls in gamble against the odds. It will lose then roll it back in again repeat and the JP will roll in with good chances off hold(s).

Eventually you will get 'Advance To Mayfair', or JP or a £5 off of crazy reels, it will usually kill it off, depending on the percentage of the machine, this determines how quickly it becomes happy again, sometimes only £5 will still keep the machine happy. When on a good percentage I found that they give out plenty of bonuses, which makes it easier to get features.
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