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This is without a doubt one of the best machines of 1999. It has loads of playability and can be very profitable if you know what to do. Firstly it must be full. If you can check the hopper then do so (you can get a refill key here). It is unlikely anyone will have taken the first jackpot of a streak and walked away so if the machine is more than £15 light then don't touch it. I sometimes play to see what the feature board is doing. The best sign to look for is how high the features start and what bonuses you are offered. A machine that will getting close to the streak will start at 'Step to Nearest win' and will be offering 'Add again' or better on the bonus. Once you have established it is ready to pay you must then force it to the jackpot. I have found the best way is to activate the super feature by getting three lamps on the winline, then everytime I get a good number I try to hi - lo to the jackpot at the top. What I try to avoid doing is using the 'add again' when I have landed on a cash +3 square as often you will be given 'collect prize' and be forced to take a decent win which will set the streak back. The most common way to start the feature is by getting three lamps symbols in the window which you can do by using three holds on a pair of them or by watching to see if the Barcrest bloke flashes after nudges. When nudging try to leave two lamp symbols in the window but without matching fruits on the winline. You are also better off not trying to get a flashhold off two lamps on the winline. This very rarely happens, but when it does it means the machine is very happy and you could probably have streaked it a bit earlier! Three lamps on the winline automatically activates the super feature and unless you are very unlucky the machine will usually let you get to the jackpot. After your first jackpot, often with no repeat, the next feature will be a SHAZAM! which is an invincible mode. You can do what you like and get the jackpot. If this doesn't repeat then you should get another SHAZAM! soon after. However if it does repeat then you must decide whether to carry on. Sometimes you may get a £2 win which you can gamble to £3 and exchange to the feature. This will then land you on the 'skillstop' square which you stop on the cash +3 square and then press your 'add again' and collect. I have had the 4th jackpot like this several times. Usually there is about £5 afterplay after the streak.

NEPTUNES TREASURE is the new clone of Arabian Nights. The main difference is the super feature is different. Instead you hi-lo up knockouts to get to the jackpot repeater.

In 1999 RED HOT KNIGHTS was released. It is another clone of Arabian Knights and can do large streaks. The main difference between this and its predecessor is the invincibal mode may not occur on the very next feature. It may occur two or three features later. You may also get an invincibal board without the 'VICTORY' or flashing lights. You will know when you have this when you land on a ? and you are awarded skillstop.

MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS is a new release at the start of 2000. It is another clone but has the best sound effects ever!

TOP TIP: If the streak is proving difficult to get or even non-existent try taking NUDGE SPINNER. You may find after taking a jackpot that you dont get the invincibal board afterwards so try taking this feature. If it starts £2, £3, £4, £5 then it will go all the way to jackpot. You can also take this for an extra jackpot after a streak.
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