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Psycho Cash Beast / Frenzy fruit machine guide

These two machines are very similar with only some slight programming differences. Like all the above Barcrest machines they will streak for £40 to £60 and very occasionally pay larger streaks of £90. The game consists of a feature board where you can gain knockouts and nudges. Above this there are 5 zones where you can use your knockouts to advance to the top zone and hopefully the jackpot. The way to play this is to force either the jackpot or jackpot repeater from the top zone. On a machine which is full and playing reasonably well this should cost no more than £20 and should activate the streak. 

One trick is to refuse the first jackpot offered you as sometimes an early jackpot does not trigger the streak. Good signs to look out for are 

1) Your first feature will take you at least to the third zone. 

2) You get flashholds on cherries or better fruits. 

3) The bonus area is offering you chances like 'superhold next' or '4 nudges next'. 

4) The feature offers you 'SUPER BONUS'. If the feature bonus is on 'add again' you can use this immediately to get an extra zone. If it is on 'skillstop' then don't use it at all as it is very likely to land on another bonus square for the jackpot repeater.
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