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Public Enemy

The original emptier for Public Enemy came and went very quick. It wasn't exactly easy as you needed to be able to hit the bell when you took the third feature up - reelmatch. Those of you who read my guide to reelmatching will understand this. Anyway, the machine is still good for a streak. Here is a couple of guides written by Lawrence Smith (the same thing but explained 2 different ways).

METHOD 1: I always try to get a JP that will hopefully start the streak. There are a number of ways to get the JP but I recommend playing for the barcode. The barcode is yellow bar, red bar, green bar left to right only. Go for 2-1-3, five pound cash win and try to gamble once on the high low. If the gamble goes exchange the 10ukp and you will probably be able to get a JP from here. Sometimes the bonus is 5 shots and there are only 5 amounts left to be shot. If I cant get a jp at this point I get killed and keep trying to get the jp unless it forces me into Fast Bucks. Sometimes Fast Bucks converts to a JP when it gets to 15ukp. I never take any other wins. If the jp starts the streak you will get more jp's quickly, from either nudges on the feature, the IM (mad for it on display), flashholds after nudges or repeats, or fast bucks. It goes for between 45 and 75 in my experience. Another way to try for a JP is to collect a shots win that has not got a repeat chance and keep your hand on cancel while you are collecting. You will get a turbo gamble that you can try and get 15 from. As with other machines when you play is important. You should only play if the machine is full or nearly full and you know that it hasnt been refilled. If you play say in a bookies and it paid the streak the evening before and was then refilled you will lose up to 100ukp so dont do it. On one that is full in a pub you should make good profit in the long run once you can streak it. If it dosent streak on the first jp you get it is a tough decision whether to play on or not, but I usually do and have always done alright. The worst case scenario as far as i've known is to have to put 80 or 90 in for a bank of 60 -70, however there are many times that I have had a 60-70 streak for under a tenner.

METHOD 2: 1....Identify whether to play or not. Put up to 10ukp in too see if the pound coins drop to the cashbox. If they start dropping you have a realistic chance of making good profit from this machine. If after the tenth coin they are still going in the hopper play your credits and take what you can and come back another day.
2....Try to get a JP that will hopefully start the streak. Do not collect any other wins unless you are forced into Fast Bucks which could be converted to a JP when it reaches 15ukp anyway.

Getting the jackpot

1....Flashhold after nudges.
2....From the Barcode. The Barcode is Yellow Bar-Red Bar-Green Bar left to right only. When you get the Barcode go for combination 2-1-3 which is 5ukp cash win. Try to gamble once on the high low for 10ukp and then exchange for the feature. Sometimes this gamble will lose but in my experience it dosent make much difference what the number is. It can win on a six or lose on a 10. Once you have exchanged the 10ukp win you should be able to get a JP. Hopefully the bonus will be on 5 shots and there will only be 5 amounts left to be shot. If this is not the case play round the board and try to get the JP from nudges or filling the feature trail which should be near the top anyway. Sometimes you wont get a JP but that is rare. If you take a different barcode combination you will probably get a turbo gamble that you can try and gamble to the Jackpot.
3....From the feature. Try to fill the feature trail or get a jp from nudges, or collect a non repeat chance shots win and hold the cancel button down when collecting. You will get a turbo gamble to try and gamble to JP. On most machines you can not get the jp from reel match. I find the easiest way to jp is through the Barcode so I always play for it by holding or from nudges. It is rare to be able to get a jp from the high lo gamble on the feature or nudge trail. It will kill you regardless of the number. Once you have a jp the machine might streak, you willl find out quickly, just keep going for jp's. If the streak has started you should get between 45 and 75 within the next 5-10ukp in. If the machine dosent streak at this point it is up to you whether to carry on. I usually do and have found that on a full one that had not been refilled recently you should do no worse than 80-90 in for 60-70 out. This is the worst case scenario. Often you will get the streak early, sometimes straight away so in my opinion it is worth the risk for good profit in the long run.

The Invincible Mode: The LED says MAD FOR IT and the logo flashes, you are then Invincible. CANCEL BUTTON FEATURES 1...Magic Nudges---Press cancel and hold it down then press the reels one at a time. 2...When you have a win to high low gamble the LED may say 'use me to win'. Press cancel and you have a no lose gamble. Go high on 11's and low on 2's. 3...Sometimes you can press cancel to select your own mystery win. Select JP.

Summary: Establish whether the machine is worth playing. Make sure you have a good float to see it out if you have to. Dont start with 15 ukp or you could end up with BFH after 180 seconds. Get a JP and hopefully the streak. Good Luck
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