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Red Arrows fruit machine guide
This is a newer version of 5Liner which gives you the option to hi-lo either up the cash or up the features. Whenever the reels show 5/4 or 7/1 the board will change red and any feature you can reach will be SUPER. But beware it will often give you a blue number after to change it back! Sometimes you can get a jackpot from SUPER BLASTS if there is a 7 or WILD in the window. 

Another good feature when SUPER is STRIPE IT LUCKY. Just hold down any reel that spins a stripe in and you will go straight to the top for the RED STREAK feature, which pays £15 or £20 usually. Often you will find you can climb up to £5 and exchange across to a feature called WILD THING. If this feature is not SUPER it can still be an easy jackpot. It takes a bit of practice but after a while you sould be getting at least £8 from this feature. 

DROP ZONE is another feature which is guaranteed the top feature when SUPER, just hold your finger on the start button to get 3 false starts. £25 JP UPDATE: Out of 20 or so RHS, 2 have been 25, about 10 went for 20 and 8 for 15. Its amazing how dirty dozen is a guaranteed 25 yet RHS isn't. Also noticed: Sometimes, tho not all the time, when it gives you £15 then another £5 on RHS, it nicks a credit..... SORT IT JPM!!!! The only time Red Hot Streak is guaranteed to pay £25 is when you gamble to the top of either the cash or features pot or when you collect the five red arrows via the hi-lo reel or the bonus.
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