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Rich Geezer

Here is your guide to Rich Geezer another "classic" offering by BFM, though its better than who wants to lose a millionaire (legionaire) and Crappy (happy) fruit. At first I though this was a typical 20-30 in (dependant on % play etc) for 15 out. However there is more to it, though I'd still only rate it with 2 ticks on CMA scale, as it can be dodgy even if you know what you're doing.

Game numbers on trail leading directly onto cash ladder at postion 8. Bonus at position 4. Any cash win via number trail, or off winline requires one gamble on Hi/Lo reel to exchange for feature. Once on feature you have choice of 3 Hi/LO gambles - reelblast, feature or nudge column, each topping with a JPR. Bonus at 4: all as you'd expect. Use cancel to slow down stoppa to pick cash value, respin allows you first to hold numbers.

Once exchanged to feature game you can Hi/Lo gamble on any of 3 columns and some helpful bonuses can drop in. These are - Rich Geezer starts KO's on cash ladder, one for each winning Hi/Lo. Will pay 15 but no repeat here. I would collect 10 or 15 if offered. Use Hi/Lo carefully here to ensure you get more KO's offered. Eliminate, removes 1 or more cash values at bottom of ladder for KO's Superfeature can be offered here, see later. Others as you'd expect i.e. extra life, lucky 7, boost.

On collecting any column you have further chance to gamble on a 1 up 1 down basis. Reelblasts column - always seem to offer smallest wins first, but can offer better than minimum if you have enough blasts. Nudges obviously can offer any win but even with large number might only offer a poor win. Features are as follows; Turbo win, a small win which can be turbogambled Superhold any win in view which can include bells, look for respin on bonus so you leave bells and respin other reel(s) or bonus nudges to bring them in. This is useful for improving potential wins on reelblasts too. Quickfire - pseudo skillstop for cash. Moneybelt - small values offered usually 3-5 quid Mix N Match - stop each of three reels in turn often 4 pound single bars best offered. Money by numbers - Each number in view adds a pound, again respin or bonus nudges can improve to give good total. Bar Steppa - steps up or down to bar win! Stopawin - wins line up and reel spins, slowdown with cancel giving skillstop if you're good enough and it doesn't slip. Cash repeater - RG cash panel flashes and hit wins add until feature stops. This always seems to be 15, so if you have got this far and don't fancy numbers collect this. In theory this could pay much more than 15. JPR - top of column.

Superfeatures are offered off bonus during feature game, or quite rarely at random (or is it random?) during normal gameplay where you can then pick by entering a code to select. These seem to usually offer between 4 & 10 but are a good sign. These are (with code where its random) In the pipeline (1-2-3) Chase the lady / cash shuffle type feature with choice of 3 values. Roll out the barrell (1-3-2) middle reel spins for a reelmatch. I'm not aware of any timeout or hold cheat. Pound Power (2-3-1) Cherry/Pound repeater, which does several times. Strike it rich (2-1-3) reel roulette, no skill pick though Slick pick (3-2-1) select one of three symbols on winline. Cash Explosion (3-1-2) An explosive box appears which offers a few seconds to either take the cash value or wait for next try. 4-6 offers, average win a fiver.

Playing method play when you've seen a quite a few quid go in for little or nothing out. This should be quite common, as muppets seem to like this machine! Its the feeling of doing well with so many winning Hi/Lo gambles even though theres nothing better than 1.60 for 12 nudges for them. Win gamble more than once if you can then exchange & go Hi/Lo on features and hope to get bonuses on the way up ladder, which need to be used wisely. On getting RG feature try not to go for a Hi/Lo that would get that column high, if there is a similar number to gamble on other column. However if you lose before getting high win KO off RG, it should come back quickly - often on next board. It will let em spin quite often too, but check if you'd be better not letting them spin if numbers would go higher.

Good signs Superfeature offer. Boost etc. off bonus 4 going above 1.60 on cash. 3 holds on grapes or better. Good number like 11, to gamble on before exchanging, feature holding on postion 7 when losing gamble. Same number dropping in twice on feature gamble, i.e 12 lower 12 again. Skill pick on bonus - if low down columns take RG, if near top take no lose or extra life. This always seems to occur when JP is very near. Getting more than 1 offer of JP, e.g. 15 on knockouts and then getting to top of columns. If all values have been KO'd + you have extra life you can carry on gambling to top or losing extra life. This is only way I've managed to get a JP to repeat - it did twice. (If you lost extra life you'd still have 15 available off KO's). To my surprise a superfeature was offered after this repeater on next board after giving total of 53. Never seen or heard of a repeater on RG before, but this will not guarantee a repeat.

Bad Signs Boost only going to position 6, getting killed quickly on board with audio you're not from around here boy. Getting to "block" and losing on good numbers on feature. Block seems to be; above money by numbers, above 4 pound on KO's, nudges for bars or better, reelblasts giving bars or better.
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