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Secret 7's

Tip 1 : Hi / Lo Numbers are not duplicated i.e. once lit they do not reappear.
Tip 2 : The bonus on position 4 gives:

S = skill
E = extra (numbers & even nudges)
C = choose (not often impressive so select 4)
R = respin
E = extra (numbers & even nudges)
T = Total of numbers in view
7 = position 7

Tip 3 : Look for 7 button lit it is worth pressing? You can sometimes press it when the trail gets to 7.
Tip 4 : Barcode works one way only. You have to get SINGLE - DOUBLE - TREBLE for the barcode.
Select 1 - 2 - 3 for megahold and stop the hi-lo reel on at least 7 for a minimum £10 win.
Tip 5 : Try nudging a few numbers onto the winline
Tip 6 : Notice anything about £7 & 7 nudges?

Ascending Bar Code: The best bar codes seem to be 123 and 321, win streak and mega hold. The mega hold resets the reels and uses the number gamble reel to give the amount of steps down only. This is does not appear random, I kept my finger on start and achieved 12 or 10 every time. The bar code is not recursive unlike some obscure machine that I remember.

99 Nudges? - The display bar says unlimited nudges, but don't try and map the reels as the bonus sevens will clock up and eventually give you whatever the pot value is instead of the JP. I realised this in time and saw that although it was not possible to do this manually the JP was still flashing as a potential prize, pressing autobudge spins the reels around onto the Jackpot.

Gamble trick? - When one of first three of the four vertical lines is complete exchange beomes available. If the red arrows can be shuffled or are already to the right of the lit line press exchange. Press the red arrow button moving the gamble to the next vertical line. Gamble once, if you lose some of the numbers below are blanked out. However you still have your original vertical line complete so exchange again. You can keep gambling until you win the first one. However if you lose the second gamble then you will be given the feature on the first [lowest row].
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