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The most important information we can give you about slots or fruit machines is to remember to enjoy yourself. Most online casinos have payout percentages much higher than land-based casinos. The actual payout percentage on any slot machine can be obtained by contacting the casino, so long as they are reputable. One thing is for sure is that the casino wants to provide you with an entertaining experience. Here are some tips for having a more enjoyable slot machine experience. Firstly, and most importantly, only play with what you can afford. When you make your first deposit check out what promotions are on offer. The English Harbour Casino promoted on this website is a good example of a high percentage, trusted casino, that's why we promote it! Don't expect to win anything. This is important. You are playing for fun. Big wins do come along and they are great surprises. But chasing a win is the road to ruin for most gamblers. If you make a deposit you will usually get your match bonus the following day. So for example if you deposited £50 and lost it, you would get another £50 in your account the next day. But always remember rule 1, play for fun and enjoy the games. Don't worry about hot or cold machines. That's an American idea and only applies, if at all, to the types of slotmachine you would find at a land-based casino. Join the slots club and take advantage of the freerolls and rebates available for slot players. Every month there are opportunites to win money without even making a deposit. Yes, that is true, a lot of players pop back just for these. You should always bet the max coins. You can't win the big jackpot unless you've played max coins. Pick a stake level which will keep you entertained for a while on your budget. Slot systems don't work, there are no such things. Even if a big jackpot is paid, this will not affect the odds of it happening again 5 minutes later. Don't waste your money on any slot machine books or ebooks, all the advice you need to know about US slotmachines and UK fruit machines can be found in these pages, and its free. So, thank you for reading this, and I expect you want to have some fun now, why not try out THE REEL DEAL bonus slot? Its awesome.

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