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Snake Rattle Roll fruit machine guide

It's more than likely chipped to prevent the Super Hold though rumours are rife of the rechip being doable. Its safe to assume it is chipped, so just all-out brute force JP. Shouldn't cost more than 40 (usually between 20 - 40). Upon reaching JP, it will either go dead or roll, with the former being more likely. Next board after JP will either IM, or climb out. If it doesnt then its not rolling. There's ALWAYS 75 in the roll (unless someone has had first JP and walked). The roll will either: repeat the first JP once or twice, if one rep then next board is JP; otherwise if no repeat, then punt for next board and try to climb it out. It has 2 IM's, the eyes at the top going red, and all the dice lighting up on the cash side. Once 75 is obtained, OR it doesnt roll, play for another couple of boards and try to get a red die on the number (5/4 7/1 6/12) before exch over to cash side and hope to get red reel blasts or a red feature. The red blasts sometimes repeats. On average, it wont roll and you'll more than likely be 5-10 down or show small profit. When it does roll, thats when the 40+ profits occur. SRR is yet another poorly designed, shitty programmed BFG, thought up in someone's lunch hour. Though I said similar about Battle Axe and look where that got me!!
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