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Greek streak is not worth going for, I've been playing spartacash for ages and it rarely comes up, however jackpot isn't to difficult to get, as 99 nudges comes in quite often you need a no lose hi/lo, chances are if you land 2 steps down from it, it is normally on a 2 or 11 another guaranteed jackpot is the feature below greek streak, that also comes in quite often, but I forget its name. Never go for the hero meter, because as soon as you are 1 step away from completing it, it'll blow you out, the same with 3 hearts, if you miss the first heart but get the next 2 it'll blow you out so colect the cash in the pot. Skill stop is as usual, hit it straight away to prevent a blowout, cancel slows down all skill stops. On the board, you'll usually hit 2 or 3 add agains with an 11 or 12. Bar codes dont work, and 1 last thing, the machine is not a guaranteed payout as i found out 3 weeks ago when i pumped £50 into it. The most I've ever taken from it is £35 but it'll always offer you a bit of money, sually £7 so dont be greedy it'll blow you out a lot more often than not because it very rarely streaks, and tends to pay out little amounts at a time and £7 is 3 pints for free and a bag of crisps and while I remember another good feature to take is pick a win, 50% of the time hidden features come up which are good for a fiver at least.

I have had GREEK STREAK a couple of times on this machine but have found when I get it, it doesn't always start the streak but once it goes past 15 it will go 30, 45 or 60. The machine does have to be happy and full.
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