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Spiker The Biker

The streak is triggered by forcing out the first jackpot, like on most barcrest machines. Usually within £10 pounds in it should be backing (if not, this is when I walk). If you get this then play for the superfeature. Always take a nudges win as a cash value and it will always give you the first Hi or Lo. Exchange this for feature, and just play it. It will normally let you go to the top of cash and feature c/w all upgrades, collect either... Hi-lo notes should give £30 Immediately (first one can't loose) and Jp rep. can give true skill on first rep. this should then give you another small win within three pounds in. If either of these fail to give £30, then within the next three pounds you will be back on the super feature and it will give just £15 more through feature or cash. All that said, it will sometimes give a single £15 pick a note when there is sod-all in the machine... Take it and walk!!!!

TOP TIP: One useful trick when forcing this machine is the 'third hold trick'. When holding the pigs for the feature watch on the third hold to see if any of the fruits are the same. If they are you can hold these instead and gamble. This is good for getting a 5 or 6 quid win and indicates the machine is buzzing. You can get the streak to start sometimes if you get this trick to work on the melons and exchange to the board to get a jackpot.

If you roll a 4 on the first role of the board you are guaranteed the jackpot, just keep going. When you have to go higher or lower, the lcd display will alternate saying higher or lower, if the machine is playing then it will often stay a couple of seconds longer on one of them eg, 2 seconds on lower and 4 seconds on higher obviously telling you which one to go for!
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