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Spin On It (guide 2)

I aim for hidden features. Every single hidden feature is jackpot if you can hit it. Let's go through them - Largin' It - if you don't get jackpot then stop it on nudges and press exchange for hidden features again. Keep It Real - wedge 1st reel for JP if it's above the line, if not, aim for it and Match if you get hidden features. Reel 'em In - same as Big Banker, aim for middle reel first (red bar, gap, JP, gap, red bar) then try to aim for either red bar in view, or JP in view. If you mess up then deliberately miss 3rd reel so nothing in view, it will give you another chance. Nudge Timer - obvious. Strike a Light - hold left lower button. Spin On It - best one. Aim for 5 spins (it doesn't always go to 5 first time) and aim for +2 +2 +2 every time, except last time aim for +1 +1R +1. If you get 5 spins exactly, then aim for +2 +2 +2 three times, then +1 +1R +1 twice, then collect Note Tote (pref. red, but £15 anyway).

Now, here's a way to get hidden features that both YOU probably didn't realise, and neither does the machine. Definitely - it's given it to me this way so many times! Remember the nudge exchanges? If you are on a Spin it will do another spin when you exchange (either way). I have fudged the reels so that you've got three red lines in view (possible from a cherry win or a £3 win sometimes) when just below Super Hold, and a Spin on the number reel. It has never failed me yet to spin the +1 for Super Hold. Jackpot every time.

There is a lot of skill in hidden features, and in the higher normal features (Red Arrow for a prime example of having to be good at it to get £10-£15), and you have to work out your nudge exchanges well. I have won on 4/9 to get enough nudges for hidden features, and don't forget if it's something stupid like 15 nudges away, but you can nudge in a medium win near another Nudge Exchange, it brings the hidden features closer! Use that as your target, and you will see how to play it. Yes, it will lose on good numbers on the cash side - BUT NOT ALWAYS! Nudge side seems more generous, and often when hidden features are near, it gives you enough off the next nudge exchange anyway.

I heard from a mate in the bookies that it does go Super Feature (as classic impulse Gridrunner/Wipeout etc) and apparently it gave him a slow skillstop on the Jackpot Repeater 3 times for a total of £60. I wasn't there to see it though... The thing about it taking £7 for a board - yes, true. The usual tricks about Impulse "pauses" for a good bonus, and no pause for a "not up" bonus, apply for this machine. It's not going to let you up if you've just collected £5 off the last board (unless it's gagging), but I've found refusing medium wins helps keep it in the mood to let you up fairly quickly. I will gamble on 4/9 from £4 to a nudge exchange if it looks promising. Final thing - the Drum'n'Bass music on the board is amazing, and I want to know which tune it's sampled off! I think it's a great machine, and I've never lost on it yet - it always lets me have hidden features within £15, every single time I've played it. It's in a bookies, and I think it's set between 82-86% payout. I'll try to write up a feature guide. For now, Bar Boom = spin a bar win (not step unfortunately), Super Hold is one each way (three if red), For Reel is reel roulette, Red Arrow is a skill stop to get the moving note, Note Tote = Big 50 on JPM's Impulse (well £45 actually, but you'll only get £15), normally goes up in £5 increments, when red goes up in £15 increments. I'll sort out the rest soon.
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