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Anyway, first the basics. Usual Impulse rules apply, 3 trail helds from 5+ to get up, 3 holds on cash sometimes works (up to £2), holds after nudges works too (up to £2) but go for let 'em spin on numbers in preference, it can often spin in 3 or 4 nudges+ and offer £3 straight away. Don't go for it if the numbers on the line put you on the board, it will very rarely hold. Occasionally it will offer £3 on 3-hold or flash, but don't bank on it. When gagging, hold 'em all cheats will give you 3 in a row for a few nudges. When to play: giving regular flash cheats, letting you up regularly. If you never get any flashes and it takes loads to get up, it's not ready. However by following this guide you will have a great chance of getting a jackpot or large win off the board. 4-Bonus: There are two types of bonus. The fast one, and the slow one. If you get no pause, then you're not up, just swear at the machine and hit it for a Boost / Add Again / All In View. Usually because there is a good win close, or for Super Hold. Very occasionally you might get Win Spin (which changes the reel setup anyway). The slow one generally either gives Respin or puts you up. Hold start down just in case you get a respin or good bonus, to freeze the machine. If Respin and the numbers on the line are less than 4, just hold one or two blank reels and you will get no numbers for another bonus. However if the reel setup becomes too good, you'll get a fast bonus. Boost: (fast) 6 or 7, (slow) 1 nudge. Add Again: adds numbers on winline. All In View: adds numbers on line, above and below. Respin: spins reels, holds work. Freeze machine by holding start to give tim e to think. Double Up: 1 nudge. Big Shot: skill nudge, goes up to the top at least once normally, so wait, don't rush it. Steppa: step up or down adding numbers. Hold reels to line up a big win. If you hold a number it will add again, if you hold all three with no numbers you can freeze the machine to think. Hold start down when you get this, to freeze for time to decide which way to step. Mystery Nudges: never had this on this machine, but it's unlimited nudges until you get up or get a cash win. On some Impulse machines you can nudge up with Cancel, but haven't had a chance to try it on this one. Super Hold: one step up and down. Hold best win or best reel setup with numbers. Or hold nothing for another bonus. Super Boost: a few nudges, normally 3 or 4. Random: hold cancel to slow, goes around the bottom then normally jumps up to about 6 nudges, eventually. There may be a couple more I missed, but they're all obvious. You'll only get the decent ones when it's streaking or if you're VERY lucky - they are so rare! Features: Hot Wad: 5 cash amounts flash on and off, stop them when lit. Normally £2-£3. RED: 4 larger cash amounts, 3 or 4 all light up at the start so hit it earlyish for £4-£6. Bar-Boom: Spins three bars. Usually £1.20, but have seen £7. RED: Always matches bars, usually £7 but can give more. Super Hold: one step up and down. Very useful for red lines. RED: three steps up and down, there must be something decent there! Wicked Win: pick-a-win. Normally £3/£4, sometimes £5. RED: much better, often £15. For Reel: reel roulette. Very poor for such a high feature, does give low wins. RED: slow, true skill. Much better. Red Arrows: on the right notes, an arrow and a note move. Match to win £5. Then it gets faster. It may let you have £10, it may not, it does jump off sometimes. RED: two arrows and two notes move, with a gap in-between. Easy £10, but next hit will almost certainly jump off. Cash Shuffle: four amounts move around, pick the highest. Usually about £6. Time-out will hit the highest. RED: three larger amounts, I got £13. Again time-out works. Note Tote (JP feature): hi/lo gamble on the notes, usually £15. Have seen £30 once. RED: 3 at a time, but never seen it win the follow-up gamble. If you get RED reel blasts or knockouts, a repeat chance will be awarded, but only on low wins, usually £3 or less. I got the £3 repeater up to £9, and the £2 repeater up to £6 and it didn't offer another chance. Sometimes the 1st / 3rd / 5th etc. repeat will be true skill, if not you always get the odd numbered repeats anyway. Reel blasts will usually hit high cash wins (even jackpot) rather than red lines, but you will usually get the lowest possible. Hidden features (all JP features): Largin' It: fast skill stop on all 5 pots. If you don't get JP then stop it back on nudges and press exchange for hidden features again. Keep It Reel: Skillstop first reel, then mix or match it. Three chances to hit JP. Never jumps off. If you get red lines then it will award the hidden features, not the cash win. Can be wedged 1 place (useful for JP above line on 1st reel). Reel 'em In: Cannot be wedged. Stop all three reels then you get a superhold. If no win there, it gives you another chance. Stop the middle reel first because the red lines are two each side of JP, so if you miss JP then you get hidden features again. Each hit makes the remaining reel(s) spin slower. Strike A Light: Hit a lit button at the bottom to increase the cash. Hold the left LO to slow it down. Easy £15. Spin On It: the nasty one... but can be very rewarding. Stop the number on 5 if you can, but it's tricky. It doesn't always go up to 5 first time, unfortunately, it's quite nasty. Then you get that number of spins. If you hit 1 then you've got no chance. If you get 2 or 3, best going for Super Hold. If 4 or 5, go for JP or Note Tote (or RED Note Tote if you're feeling cocky). If you mess up and don't get JP but have 7+ reel blasts, you can get hidden features again. Board bonuses: Boost: Up to 3 places up. Xtra Life: an extra chance of staying alive. Not sure if you can lose straight after losing it, as I never get it anyway. Rare. No Lose: one free gamble. If you're gambling to a nudge exchange then maybe go the right way for a better number on the other side, maybe don't (e.g. on a 3, go lower to get a spin if you want one). Spin: one spin. Lucky 7: one free gamble from a 7. You will usually gamble the next number to a 7 if it wants you to win the gamble. If you swap over you can save the Lucky 7 for a couple more goes. Can occasionally be used to get enough nudges for hidden features, or something. Reel Skill: stop the reel. If you need one more nudge for something really good, or you think you might lose the next gamble, go for 1/12. Otherwise go for 2/11 spin, and if you're going to the other side go for 2/11 on the other side. No Lose Streak: 2-5 free gambles. Pick this one from a Skill Bonus (hold cancel), cos it's the best one. Change Numbers: swaps number, if on 4/9 bonus, may give 3/10 bonus. Also can give 1/12. How to play the board: First gamble always wins if you go the right way. This means if there is a nudge win straight away, but this takes you over to an 8 or something, the gamble will win. EXCEPTION: If you start on a bonus and get reel skill, then stop it on a bad number, the gamble may lose. So don't stop it on a bad number. Often the first few nudge gambles will win, giving 3s and 10s, with maybe a 4/9 or a spin or something thrown in for good measure. Look for the nudge exchanges and try to get a spin on the reel, then you can keep swapping across. Sometimes JP can be got this way from reel blasts, or simply by getting loads of spins. However if you do this, then don't gamble on a 2 or 11 after, because you will lose. Low (£3 or less) nudge exchanges will not be very good, and won't net you anything spectacular. Higher ones (£4, £5+) will often give enough nudges for red lines. Always take red lines - they are all JP features. I play to collect medium wins, but push for the nudge exchanges up to £5, as they will come some of the time (even on a 4 or 9). However, collect £3-£5 if it looks bleak. If you have, say, cherries or something on the line, and you swap to 5+ nudges, then have a look to see if you can bring another cherry down on manual nudge. Also applies to pears, grapes etc. This can sort out features such as Super Hold and reel blasts. If you get down to the cherries just before JP, then you only need 5 reel blasts. You can easily see through the reels, so you should have no problem counting how far anything is. Also use these nudges to bring red lines closer - then swap back to nudges again and it might give you enough to get it next time. The Red Bar on the middle reel is nowhere near the red lines, so don't even bother trying if that's in view. Streak: Very rarely, the machine will streak off a JP or £7 win. The next bonus will pause and give something good, and the lights will swirl and it will say Super Feature when you get up. Often the streak will be £75, given by JP, IMJP then IMJP + 2 repeats. I'll normally go for normal JP on the first Super Feature, then JPR from the spins (by swapping over repeatedly) on the second. Obviously reverse most gambles to maximise spins. I have seen it start twice from a £7 win, so maybe there are different versions of the software. By following these guidelines you should be able to get high wins from reel blasts, and get hidden features and JP quite regularly, even when the machine's not paying out, and hopefully an occasional streak! Just remember, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT gambling on that 2, when you've got loads of spins! Hope this is useful, if I've left anything out please let me know or put it on the CMA chatlist.
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