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Spotted Dick

1) If you get 2 sevens on the winline the same colour, hold them, a third mixed seven will usually spin in for mixed sevens, easy gamble exchange.
2) Dont push the gambles - no matter how happy the machine is, go once then exchange, you get killed on 11's and 2's very regularly
3) If the machine pauses before spining on the feature you've either got the sjp or yer dead. If it goes to a corner or +3 cash its the jp, anything else will either be bent copper or barmaid and death.
4) After you're first 2 jp's if the next board is poor dont push for another jp. Try for treble winner or whatever its called (4th feature), this will give you the jp sometimes, but rarely less than 5/6ukp. You can often get this 3 or 4 times after the streak is over.
5) This machine gives last credit incentives even more than bwb, however this is a sure sign that the streak is over, walk away.
6) There is no barcode, and the cancel button does bugger all.
7) Avoid mystery win, as if its jp your buggered.
8) If you've got nudges, whatever number you're on will spin in for the next go, so if its good, might be worth trying for a win rather than feature, especially if you are going for treble whatsit.
9) It can and will kill you on the first spin.

I know they rechipped these a while back to stop the 100+ streak that was emptying all the ones round here, but they are still very good profit. No obvious single bar mind, but they do seem to hover arround 5,6 or 10. If its doing this you're not too far away from the streak.
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