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Here are the complete instructions for playing SUPER POTS.

The principal behind playing this machine is that the £6.00 win and the feature 'Lucky For Some' are completely free. The trick is knowing how to get to these wins. The first step is to get the machine happy so that it will offer you £4.00+ on the nudges on the right hand side. This can cost up to £20. When it is offering this you must carry on gambling for more nudges until you have a number that will let you gamble to the £6.00 win. When you hit collect you will nudge in £4.00+ on a 1, 3, 8 or 12. This will guarantee you can reach the £6.00 (if you never get one of these numbers then it is probably rechipped). If you are on a 3 or 8 you can exchange the number and hi-lo to the £6.00. If you are on 1 or 12 you can usually get to the feature 'Lucky For Some'. When you go higher than the 1 or lower than the 12 you will get either a 5, 6, or 7. If you get a 6 you must collect but if you get 5 or 7 do the following: Press exchange, swap to feature trail, press exchange again and you now have a 1 or 12. Hi - lo to the feature and collect. Hold down the cancel button and stop the feature on the cash jackpot. Sometimes you will not be able to get £4.00+ on nudges so it is worth collecting a smaller win and seeing if the swaps are lit on £4.00+ and £6.00. If they are you can get to £6.00 if you are on a 5 or 7 when you climb to £4.00+. One of the best ways to get nudges is to hold the treble bar with a 3 on it. This often rolls in and you can use it to get the blue sevens near. The machine does like to give you 1 nudge from these holds. All these wins are free so as you are playing the machine will be getting very happy. You must finish playing the machine by collecting normal wins (£4.00+ for example) and bring it down to a normal level. You can only judge this with experience. The cashpot is also completely free. It will either not repeat or it will repeat 3 times so be careful with the amount of money you have in the bank and what is left in the machine. There are other chip changes but they are not common. The most likely will be that you are not offered a good number when gambling the nudges.

These are the instructions for playing the later rechipped SUPERPOTS.

The SP's that have been fixed with the 2 swap lights out can still be done. This includes the ones in pubs. There is a technique to it though. The £6.00 and £10.00 are still paid for as are cashpots over £4.00. So still chase these on 3 holds and superholds as usual.The technique for more £6.00's - when on nudges, gamble up enough nudges so that you can leave yourself at least 2 bonuses on the winline when the nudges are used eg bonus,4,nothing. Its then down to luck on what the machine gives you off the bonuses but a nudge shot off the first bonus often the machine gives you one less than you need for a #6 win but the next bonus (1 advance) may take you there.On the above combo, with the red sevens 4 short of the win line for example it will often allow you a choose a trail first bonus (choose 7) followed by a respin.Hold them all it thinks you are 1 short of £6.00 but you have the held bonus reel which will advance1 more nudge for the £6.00. Never stop a trail on 8 it will always follow with choose a trail.These are hard work but they can be emptied esp if a handy cashpot drops in at some point.
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