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The Spice Is Right fruit machine guide

1) Bonuses: Good signs seem to be Selector, Respin (always goes into the feature), Skillstop. When 'Stopper' (is it called that?) starts going onto the board, things are looking up and 'Super Stopper' (which I've only had once) means the machine is flying! Bad signs: extra Bonus lights lighting but dieing without landing on them. If you get 'Bonus Nudges' you keep getting Bonus Nudges until a number is nudged onto the line or a win is nudged in. If you get a win, you generally follow it up with a bonus that puts you on the board anyway. Be careful about wins on the line! It likes to let you nudge in Blue 7s for 8 quid, give you a Bonus Number on the reel (either 2 or 11) and then kill you on the gamble! If you happen to be trying to kill off lots of red boards (for whatever reason!), the machine can give you 'Add Again' on the bonus, followed by a 'Bonus Add Again', and another and another until the trail is full and you've been forced to take the SIR feature. I've tried to refuse 12 reds 3 times now. The first time worked and I ended up getting a 95 quid streak, but the last two have both forced the SIR on me after the first 2 reds. Be careful!

2) On the board: Very good sign: getting Extinguisher from the ?. This means that you should get the SIR or a JP soon (or immediately) and that the machine is very close to going red if you continue to refuse wins. (you will probably be offered JP off nudges, SIR off nudges and *lots* of knockouts, high teens is not unusual!, before it does go red). It is possible to have more than one extra life (I've had up to 3). Obviously red mode is the flickering waiter/extra life. Good signs: landing on Skillstop. Getting a 1 on the first roll (with a bonus of Back 3) allowing you to take the Skillstop. Taxi/Skillstop off the ?. Getting anything other than Back 3 off the Bonus Stop is a good sign. The Bonus stack on the left tends to give Add Again one feature, then nothing at all for a while. If it starts on Taxi or above, this is another good sign, but I wouldn't try to land on more bonuses to get the JP as this doesn't seem to work. I've only had the JP off this bonus once ((it is a repeater incidentally) and it was NOT from having it start on Taxi or Skillstop) and it repeated, but seemed to kill the machine off.

3) Ways to get the JP: Super Hold, Step To Nearest Win, Nudges, Reel Blasts, Top of the middle trail (it can and does give this 1st shot if it wants to)

4) How to consistently win: Frankly, I don't know! Obviously, my machine has been forced much more than most pub machines, so they may be much more willing to pay out. Apart from the 95 quid streak (which took *at least* 80 quid to get), I haven't had more than 50 out of it. I've also had the machine go for 40 quid when there was only 70 in it. Sometimes taking the SIR feature will kill the machine off for 20 quid, other times it offers another almost immediately. Not sure if it's significant but after refusing some reds one time, I had it give me a 'blue' SIR and then a 'blue' JP and then it immediately went red again. Any ideas? Stop'N'Step is not what you're hoping it is. It just spins a win in and then either stops or gives another win. (No skillstop involved) Anything from 10 to 30 quid, depending on its general mood. Win series goes for between 11 and 30 (in my experience). The SIR feature gives a cash amount depending on the number you roll. Even when red, the machine can and will give less than 15 quid (12-14) if you try to push it against the numbers to get a better total win. The most I've seen off this feature is 31 quid. Not much, I know, but I have been trying, honest! There's probably more, but nothing I can think of at the moment.
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