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Right, this is now an updated guide. The original guide suggested playing to force to the top of the feature game. But because sometimes could take 80 quid or more when the machine is playing at its best then I would sugges the following simpler strategy is better. Play for the KEYCODES only. It can be quite easy to get these keycodes when the machine is full, yet very difficult to force a jackpot. Probably the best code is 1-2-3 which gives a hi-lo climb up the cash ladder. This usually pays £12 but will go for more if the machine is streaking. If you have a bad number to get a key try to progress as far on the board as you dare and collect. This is not a machine I would force you to streak unless you are being given very good signs from the start - like flashholds for £6+. Then you can force it to the top. If the logo goes red this is invincibilty like on a maygay machine. Once you do get up there it should streak for £45 or £60 but there will be a reasonable amount of afterplay by taking keycode features. I recently found one quite expensive to get to the top but when it went it gave me 4 jackpots and then 3 keycodes for £12 each which showed me a small profit.
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